Paint a Raza
What: Calling artists in the city to pay tribute to one of the finest painters of India, SH Raza. Known for his warm earthy tones, geometric patterns and radiating concentric circles, he popularised Indian concepts of art across the globe and created a legacy of modern art. Raza’s signature ‘bindu’ dominated the art scene for decades. Organised by Delhi Drawing Room, painters as well as non-painters can put on canvas your impression of the legendary artist’s work and style under the guidance of accomplished artists.
When: July 1 (10:30 am)
Where: Dramz Bar and Lounge, KD Marg, Mehrauli

No map, no app
What: New to the city? Here is a chance to experience it in a unique way. A group called Bin Nakshe Kadam is the host, and there is no fixed itinerary. Join in to know your city and also get a chance to meet new people. With no fixed plans to visit any particular place, walk around and explore the modernity along with rich history and traditions of the capital. Indulge yourself in some mouthwatering dishes the city has to offer. No matter where you are, every few metres you’ll find some street food to die for.
When: July 1 (9m – 6pm)
Where: Rajiv Chowk metro station (meeting point)

Chai pe charcha
What: Reflecting life in big metropolitan cities, theatre artist Jyoti Dogra will be performing ‘Notes on Chai’, a collection of conversations over tea. The engrossing solo performance involves body, voice and text to weave a collage of stories that explore the humour in daily mundane tasks. The sound has influences like the chanting of Tibetan monks and ancient Christian traditions of overtone singing. The music is universal, transcending different cultures and classes.
When: July 6 – 8 (7:30 pm)
Where: Oddbird Theatre, Dhan Mill Compound, 100 Ft Rd, Chhattarpur

Pangs of partition
What: It is said wounds heal but scars don’t. Portraying the scars of Partition, Vayam Performing Arts Society pays tribute to the works of Gulzar with its musical theatre production ‘Raavi Paar’. Showcasing the story of Drashan Singh, one of the several people stuck across the border in 1947, the play takes us back in time to witness the pain of migration. It explores an important question: “‘Were those only ‘things’ that people left on the other side or was there something else too?”
When: June 30 (7- 8:30 pm)
Where: Lok Kala Manch, Lodhi road

Mango mania
What: Beat the heat with your favourite mangoes. Feast on the king of summers.
Chill out with a variety of luscious and pulpy mango flavoured desserts, cakes and shakes, a perfect contrast to the soaring temperatures.
When: June 30 (11 am – 11 pm)
Where: Crowne Plaza, B-13, Mayur Vihar

Tandon Talkies
What: Here’s a funny take on Indian cinema. Stand-up comedian Ami Tandon will take you through 100 years of Bollywood. From the reason why we have more songs than story in a movie, to the National IQ related to Filmfare Awards, Tandon finds answers to these questions and much more. Fans, join in as he takes you on a journey from silent movies to talkies to technicolour.
When: July 14 (7:30 pm)
Where: Orana Conventions, 64, Golf Course Extn, Gurgaon

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