A stroke in time

A group of 35 artists has come together for an annual series that depicts contemporary art in the country

“It’s a bonanza for all art lovers,” says Sunaina Anand, director of Art Alive gallery, while describing its annual art series — Art Now. The exhibition that brings together the works of artists from across the country is back with its third edition.

As the title suggests, Art Now is about art as it is practised nowadays. It chronicles the work of modern and contemporary artists, along with its evolution over the last few years. The exhibition, which was started in 2016, features some of the best-known Indian artists in the national and international art scene.

The most unique aspect of the show that sets it apart from other exhibitions is that all the works are new and unseen creations of the artists. “The show focuses on the artworks that have been done particularly for this show,” says Sunaina, who is also the curator of the exhibition. A total of 50 artworks are on display which includes paintings, photography and sculptures.

Featuring works of 35 artists, the show focusses on the signature style of each artist, depicting the prevalent cultural and global influences on Indian art. “We do not want to limit the artists to a thematic thinking. The works present the distinctive styles of each artist, their individual thought process and their experimentation with mediums and subjects.”

Even though they present the same artists every year, there are some new additions like Rameshwar Broota, Vasundhara Tewari, Jagannath Panda this year. Adding to this, an emerging artist, Sahaya Sharma, will also be introduced. Her mixed media work is her take on wedding ceremonies and how weddings are looked at in the country.

Another work, titled Dhiritri, portrays women empowerment. Painted by Jayasri Burman, it signifies the vulnerability of women and their inner strength that helps them fight against the oppressive world.

Marking Gandhi Jayanti, artist Paresh Maity has paid tribute to Gandhi through his work on canvas with a new kind of texturing on the surface. A new photography section showcasing works of well-known photographers — like Raghu Rai and Rohit Chawla — are the highlights of this edition.

“It’s a complete treat for any art enthusiast,” says Sunaina. So, drop in at Lalit Kala Akademi between September 28 and October 4 to see some of the finest works in art.

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