Canvas of clusters

What: ‘Painting is like a jigsaw puzzle’. Offering an interesting perspective on this, artist Deepali Roongta’s exhibition, Vivid Clusters is about understanding an image as a cluster of vivid thoughts endowed with energy. Her bright-coloured palette changes with her inspirations and the images she sees in her mind. The paintings offer an intriguing perspective on how altered objects can create an interdisciplinary stage for idea creation and take it to a completely new level where everything is fluid and surreal. Deepali’s paintings reflects her love for nature. Her compositions are a mix of natural and social realities in which she combines realistic and abstract forms to put across her ideas.
When: September 13 – 23 (11 am – 8 pm)
Where: Triveni Gallery, Triveni Kala Sangam, Tansen Marg

Music in the moonlight

What: Immerse yourself in a specially crafted evening of music and dance under the moonlight. Teamwork Arts is back with the September edition of Under the Banyan Tree on a Full Moon Night where the artist will be performing under the banyan tree with the minarets of the Qutub Minar in the background. The audience will enjoy the performance in a baithak style under the moonlight and will get the opportunity to engage with the musicians as well. The concert will feature a thumri performance by Indira Nayak in the upcoming concert, followed by a percussive set by the Gangani family, and the evening’s entertainment will conclude with a performance by the Kutle Khan Project.
When: 22 September (7 pm)
Where: 1AQ, Opposite Qutub Minar, Mehrauli
When: September 22-23 (12 pm)
Where: Olive Bar and Kitchen, Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli

Mystery and more

What: Here’s a play with an intriguing plotline. On the 10th wedding anniversary of the local MLA Animesh Singh and his wife Anita Singh, everyone is invited. However, the problem is that Animesh has been shot and his wife is missing. The helpers partly prepared the meals and vanished from the kitchen. An accident. Two gunshots. Three confused couples. To know what’s happening, watch An Eventful Night based on Neil Simon’s comic gem, Rumors.
When: September 30
Where: Canvas Laugh Club, DLF Mall of India, Noida

Rhythm and beats

What: Delhiites, here’s a chance to transform your lazy Sunday afternoons to an eventful one. Sunday Drum Circle brings together people from all walks of life to play hand-drums, dance, click pictures, enjoy music, and connect with people or to just experience the energy of the surroundings. You can carry your percussion instrument or rent one at the venue, if you want to jam in the carnival. Feel the thumping of the drumbeats, which will make you feel ecstatic. Enjoy the rhythm and beats in the serene landscapes of Zorba the Buddha.
When: September 23 (5:45 pm)
Where: Zorba the Buddha, 7 Tropical Drive Road

Tunes from Africa

What: Immerse yourself in the enchanting melody of kora, the ancient 21-string harp from West Africa, with a performance by Madou Sidiki Diabate. One of the most celebrated artists, Madou started playing the instrument when he was a three-year-old. At the age of 6, he performed his first concert as a representative of the 71st generation of kora players in his family. Playing the traditional sound, he infuses his own jazz sensibilities. He believes the kora is full of deception — it looks like a simple, even rustic instrument capable of basic sounds but when experienced with closed eyes, one can hear many musicians in harmony. So, join in to enjoy the music of his forefathers from the Griot community —West Africa’s historians and storytellers — his roots embedded in every chord.
When: September 26 (8 pm -1 am)
Where: Auro Kitchen and Bar, Aurobindo Market, Hauz Khas

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