Poetry on canvas

Sudip Chatterjee interprets the meaning of life, reality and the creation of universe through his paintings

Birth. Sex. Death. Artist Sudip Chatterjee explores the journey of life through these three chronological stages with paintings. His works are on display at an exhibition in Triveni Kala Sangam.

Titled Realization and Beyond, it reflects the artist’s own understanding and awakening with the process of creating art. Through this exhibition, he attempts to question the inherent meaning of life. His works conceptualise life as a journey. He battles questions in his work and seeks answers to ‘what is reality, why was the Universe created, is its genesis related to our consciousness’? “There are confrontations between the personal and extra-personal world. I have always searched for a mental form which reflects the essence of my thought, my being and the very nature of my work,” Chatterjee explains.

Using oil and embossment on canvas to get texture, combustion canvas and mixed media, there are 30 paintings on display. Set in mostly dark tones, his works mostly involve women. He is intrigued with the female form and structure and explains that he prefers women as subjects. Expressing what he feels at a particular moment in the painting, he wants to involve the viewers in interpreting his thoughts and vision. “I try to create poetry on canvas,” he says.

The idea of the exhibition is to convey an artist’s sense of overwhelming wonder at the immeasurable mysteries and the infinite beauty of the universe. “I usually enjoy the compositional challenges offered by space, with greater possibilities of individual expression,” he adds.
Based in Kolkata, Chatterjee’s paintings were recently featured in two postage stamps by German postal service, Deutsche Post Service. Awarded with a senior fellowship by the HRD ministry last year, he has done several shows across the world. So, drop in at Shridharani Gallery this weekend to get a glimpse of artists’ understanding of reality and life.

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