Food Fiesta

What: Block your dates for Delhi’s juiciest Kebab Fest. Treat your taste buds with this festival that brings together a diverse range of kebabs, rolled out by the best chefs from Delhi. Accompanied by delightful biryanis, chutneys, and amazing drinks, the festival makes room for experimentation in your platter.
When: November 17 -18 (11 am)
Where: DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj

Tell a tale

What: Promoting the oral storytelling tradition, Kathakar – International Storytellers Festival, which is the only storytelling festival in India, is back with its eight edition. Join in to see Sadhguru turn storyteller, along with director Imtiaz Ali, musician Mohit Chauhan and actor Pankaj Tripathi. Showcasing legendary stories from across the world, Danish Hussain brings the adaptation of Ibn-e-Insha’s play, Qissa Urdu Ki Aakhri Kitaab Ka. The three-day festivities bring together a range of storytellers — Godfrey Duncan and Xanthe Gresham from UK and Michal Malinowski from Poland. The festival will also see Sudip Gupta with his dolls theatre, Kalyan Joshi with Phad, Pandvani by Ritu Verma and Powada by Adinath Vibhute. Witness the stories coming alive this winter.
When: November 16-18 (5 pm -8 pm)
Where: Indira Gandi National Centre for the Arts, Man Singh Road

Nature’s best

What: Bringing together a varied collection of crafts and products that embody the spirit of nature, here’s an exhibition that is inspired by lotus. The theme of ‘Nature 2018’ inspires craftsmen’s creativity and the bazaar display. Lotus has been translated into every textile technique – applique, weaving, embroidery, block printing – even the intricate medium of bandini tie-dye. Be it jute, banana fibers or wood carving, there’s something for everyone. Radiant Banarasi brocades from Uttar Pradesh, Tussar weaves from Bihar, Kotpad weaves from Odisha, woolen textiles and shawls from Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir and Gujarat. Block printed, embroidered, naturally-dyed textiles adorned with stitches, applique and patch work, blue pottery, lacquer coated decorative, woven dhurries from Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh to adorn the floor, jewellery and footwear are also on display.
When: November 15 – 26 (11 am -7 pm)
Where: Nature Bazaar, Andheria Modh, Near Chattarpur Metro Station

Artistic adaption

What: What happens when the Indian grace of a classic art form infuses with a mystical folk tale of another land? The result is a masterpiece. Witness ‘Hansika’, with Sharmila Mukherjee’s choreography and visualisation, brilliantly blending with Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake’. The famous Russian folktale ballet recounts the story of Odette, a princess who was turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer’s curse. Adapting it in Odissi, this production attempts to link Indian dance forms with thematic presentations of international stature and recognition. The humane aspect of the narrative as well as how ballet and libretto can be adapted to Indian classical raga (music), taal (rhythm) and laya (pace of the rhythm) has been explored. Drop in to immerse yourself in this audio-visual treat casting a spell on your whole being.
When: November 22 (7 pm -10 pm)
Where: Kamani Auditorium, Copernicus Marg