A carnival of colours

ByProma Chakraborty

Nov 22, 2018

The India Art Festival makes the buying and selling of affordable art so much easier, with 100 independent artists getting a platform to showcase their work

Bringing art outside the confines of elite art spaces, an art fair seeks to make the buying and selling of art quite simple. The fourth edition of the ‘India Art Festival’ (IAF) brings together 35 art galleries and 500 artists from 40 cities across the world, all under one roof at Thyagaraj Stadium.

Founded in 2011, the festival showcases all forms of artistic expressions including paintings, sculptures, photography, ceramics, textiles and installations from rural India to metro cities.
Known for its democratic presentation of art, it provides an opportunity to the unrepresented rural artists, along with urban artists, to showcase their work and receive recognition. This also gives art buyers more options to choose from.

Focusing on both art galleries and independent artists, IAF has two sections — the art galleries section and the artists’ pavilion. Along with showcasing the works of 400 established artists, this edition will offer an outstanding panorama of Indian art in the Artists’ Pavilion by 100 independent artists from cities like Chennai, Jammu, Tripura and Ahmedabad.

Not only established artists, the independent section includes both mid-career and emerging artists. These young artists bring in refreshing and radical visual art to the festival.

Bringing the sale and purchase of the artworks on an open platform, the Artists’ Pavilion also encourages dialogue between the art market and the artists directly.

“The art scene in Delhi has become event driven and bigger art events are drawing more crowds than solo or group exhibitions in the individual art galleries. Economical art fairs are easy for exhibitors as they recover basic participation cost, which makes them participate every year. Almost 90% of art galleries and 60% of artists are repeat participants in the India Art Festival; this growth is phenomenal in such trying times,” says Rajendra, director of the art festival.

So, drop in at the festival to get a glimpse of a vast variety of art works from across the country and take home your pick from the collection. The festival is on till November 25.