ByProma Chakraborty

Dec 13, 2018

The imperial walk

What: For all those who are new to the city, here’s the perfect way to explore the history and heritage of the capital. Exploring the 14th century Delhi through the eyes of its most intriguing emperor, Muhammad-bin Tughlaq, a theatre walk has been organised by Darwesh, a storytelling group.
Set in the fourth walled city of Delhi, Jahanpanah which was constructed by the second Tughlaq Emperor, the walk will involve delving into the fascinating remains of this city and sharing stories from the enthralling life of Mohammad-bin Tughlaq. The storytelling will be interspersed with a captivating theatrical performance by a trained theatre actor, giving a glimpse into the dual life of one the most visionary emperors of India. Don’t forget to carry water and put on a comfortable footwear.
When: Saturday 15 (9:45 -12pm)
Where: Opposite Sarvapriya Vihar Club (Meeting point)

Vibrant hues

What: Get ready to be greeted with a blast of colours at artist Hukum Lal Verma’s exhibition titled ‘Solo Show’. Abstracting landscapes for a good few years now, Hukum’s palette is an unending spread of colour, layer upon layer, stroke by stroke. In all that splurge of colour, his works obliterate boundaries, and nature overtakes in its all-pervasive entirety. While the reds and the greens are joyous and reassuring, the black and the brown landscapes emit forebodings of the present and the future. Is Hukum really sensing the factory smoke and waste material in the air, or are these mere variations of color? While the works fit in quite well from the point of colour schemes of interiors, they pose questions about perceptions of nature and its portrayal.
When: December 10- 20 (11am – 8pm)
Where: Triveni Kala Sangam, Tansen Marg

Food Fest
What: Block your dates, as the Eat, Pray, Love (ELP) food and music festival is back.
Get ready to indulge yourself in an array of hand-picked selected cafes, bars, lounges, restaurants, dessert parlours and food outlets, serving a wide spread of the most delicious recipes and dishes, with live music, performances and entertainment. From live tasting events, culinary experiences, competitions, stand-up comedy, and celebrity artists performances, the city will come alive like never before! Displays by street food vendors, food trucks, areas divided as per cuisines, cooking competitions, food tasting sessions food eating contests – all these are part of the highlights of the festival. Join in to party with performances by DJs, comedians and celebrities. From food-tasting events to stand-up comedy and celebrity performances to live music, it is going to be a grand affair indeed.
When: December 15 – 16 (1pm – 10pm)
Where: International Trade Expocentre, Noida