ByProma Chakraborty

Jan 31, 2019

Brazilian melody
What: From the melodic lilt of Bossa Nova to the rhythmic roar of the Samba, Sabor do Brasil brings to you the taste of the flavours of Brazil! The rhythms wash over you like the waters of the river. The melodies are intimate and charming. Dance or just chill out with the songs of love, longing and togetherness, infused with the vibrant spirit of Brazil. The music lets you unwind as you step into their Brazilian dream.
When: February 6 (9 pm – 11:55 pm)
Where: The Piano Man Jazz Club, Safdarjung Enclave market

Colourful carnival 
What: Block your dates for ‘The Lil Flea’, the quirky flea market is back in Delhi. The Lil Flea brings together some amazing home-grown brands, indie-bands and experimental food enthusiasts in an environment filled with happy vibes. Amidst the shopaholics and foodies, you are sure to meet some book-lovers participating in the book-exchange or movie-buffs finally getting their chance to watch celebrated world cinema under the stars. Feast on some delectable world cuisines, experimental and fusion food handpicked by the experts or simply collect the free seeds to nurture a happy memory. The Lil Flea has something in store for everyone.
When: February 1- 3 (11 am – 11 pm)
Where: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Pragati Vihar
Puppet gala

What: Travelling the world to curate its fantastic line-up, the Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festival is back with its 17th edition. The festival promises a diverse range of breathtaking performances, which communicate across language barriers and define the social, cultural and emotional bonds. From the traditional to modern forms of puppetry, ranging from rod to string puppets; to mixed performances with dance, theatre, music and more, they invite audiences of all ages to join them on this magical journey.
When: February 1 – 9
Where: Indian Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road