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A feast for your eyes too

You may be tempted to take a chair home – and you can, after duly paying for it

You walk in and get struck by its vibrant colours, quirky designs, cheery hues, tricky lights… Such is the first impression of the recently launched, 5,000 sq feet restaurant – Plum by BentChair at Aerocity. Every plush seat is in a different colour and they are not average-size chairs but really comfy sofas. Take your pick.

And get this: If you have always fancied this kind of sofa, you feel it is just right for, take it home. No, do not steal it. Ask for the price tag, pay and get it delivered. That’s the fun part. From the furniture and lights to the plates and sofas, everything is on sale. Like what you see? Put it in your cart.

This is India’s first true retail restaurant, a collaboration between leading hospitality and furniture brands — First Fiddle F&B by Priyank Sukhija and Bent Chair by the father-daughter duo Neeraj Jain and Natasha Jain. After winning hearts around Mumbai, Plum by BentChair now brings its charisma and charm to Delhi.

Lauded for its one-of-a-kind concept and its lush breathtaking interiors, it is India’s most Instagrammable restaurant with over 200 Instagrammers-worthy food and decor items present at the venue, loaded with several eclectic elements.

Eclectic Food

Food is equally interesting. You can expect an extensive pan-Asian cuisine, with signature dishes and exotic cocktails. You get to choose from an array of lip-smacking dishes and the menu is pretty balanced between veggie and non-veg options. We started with a nice bamboo shoot clear soup which had very subtle flavours. Katsu curry dish was delicious: multiple mushroom crispy cutlets served on the bed of katsu curry and red jalapeños and shimizj mushrooms with parota (our very own paratha made in a special way!) on the side.

If you don’t wish to be adventurous then go for ‘East Asian curry’ — Classic yellow curry with Asian vegetables and fresh coconut milk. Being a dumpling fan, I loved ‘Black Pebble’  — black dumplings stuffed with mushroom and beans served with a coconut spiced dip.  Edamame dumplings were a bit too dull for my taste.

For non-vegetarians, the chef recommends ‘Lamb Shanks’ — overnight braised Australian lamb shanks in classic golden curry served with organic egg Shinzo mushroom fried rice and golden curry. The dish getting rave reviews is ‘Master stroke chicken legs’—roast organic chicken legs served with masaman curry and parota dusted with garlic pearls and tempura caviar.

Quinoa poached dumplings were much loved at our table: Quinoa coated poached chicken and water chestnut dumpling served with chilly oil. And so were  Chicken Gyoza — Classic street style pan fried Japanese dumplings.

The best way to round up your meal is to go for Plum Tropical Fruit Citrus Cheesecake, a perfect punch of citrus and sweetness that is a mild blend for the soul. I also loved a very innovative sushi dessert — Nutella Banana Uramaki , a mixture of Jaggery, sesame, Nutella and crispy honey banana.

Decode the Bar

The bar is a real magnet for customers. It looks magical with snitch lights and a unique design-changing wallpaper. The drinks take inspiration from all across the globe. The popular ones on the menu are: Umetini —a tribute to the Japanese plum ume created with Choya plum liqeur stirred with vodka and a touch of vermouth; Fig in Fashion — an irresistibly potent concoction offering unending ‘layers of flavors’ created with the humble fig infused bourbon, homemade spice rack and few dashes of bitters, and more. Plum by BentChair is a true example of ‘Do it with passion or not at all’ and so does every element in the space including this very cocktail.

Alfresco Dining

The paradisiacal theme of the outlet extends beyond the walls to the exteriors with quirky outdoor seating. I had my fun time posing with the 12-feet bear statue near the entrance. The team lovingly calls it Plummy Bear although the sculpture is named “Where are you”. The posture, title, and position of the Plummy Bear symbolise the designers’ quest for creativity and the fond remembrance of their inspiration, Lawrence Argent.

“I think it is safe to say that the food at Plum by BentChair is the best food amongst all my outlets,” says the dynamic owner, Priyank Sukhija. “Our Chef, Sagar Bajaj, has curated signature dishes, which truly reflect our eccentricity and vision of the ‘Perfect Food’. I usually recommend Seafood wontons, Nutella Banana Sushi, Mongolian Sliced lamb, and California Uramaki, from the food menu. From the cocktails, you must try smash on the Rocks, Hell Boy and Coming in Hot,” he adds.