ByProma Chakraborty

Mar 7, 2019

Scientific bent of mind

What: Women have been part of Indian science from the late 19th century to the present day. Titled ‘Celebrating Indian Women in Science: An Incredible Journey’, it reflects on the journey of women scientists as a part of the scientific community in India. Jointly organised by the Department of Biotechnology and Ministry of Science and Technology, the focus will be on their inspiration, experience and contribution to science. The exhibition will showcase, with photographs and text, the stories of women scientists to enhance public visibility and acknowledgement of the women’s scientific achievements.

When: March 8–15

Where: India International Centre, Lodhi Gardens

Open stage

What: On the occasion of Women’s day, Live Safe invites everyone to join  them and  celebrate womanhood. The open mic event is organised to bring together artists who talk about women in the art they pursue. So, if you are a storyteller, poet, singer or someone who feels strongly about women issues — here’s a stage for you. The event will also see some performances along with an open discussion on Women’s Mental Health.  Drop in ­— as performers or audience — to be a part of this journey!

When: March 8 (12 noon – 2 pm)

Where: Mind Solace, Malviya Nagar

Comic relief

What: Ladies, block your dates to get rolling on the floor laughing. On this Women’s Day, four women stand-up comedians will challenge the stereotypes and talk about their lives like never before. What better way to celebrate than watching these four fiery, super-fun girls share stories about their lives — good, bad and ugly, all with a sense of humour that will tickle your funny bones. Join in to see how these girls are living their varied lives. One joke at a time.

When: March 8 (7-8 pm)

Where: Kunzum Travel Café, Hauz Khas