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Listen, women!

Last updated on March 8, 2019

The female of the species is always being told what to do, how to behave, what to think. here is a power point presentation of the stereotypical tirades we hear all the time

Women can have quite a few common experiences when it comes to being subjected to sexist and misogynistic remarks. Here is a compilation of all the comments that most of us would have heard at some point in our lives.


– Not really a happy occasion. But better luck for next time.

– Try again. You will have a son in the fourth attempt for sure.

– It is because of my daughter-in-law. She can never give me the happiness of having a grandson. My son should remarry.

– O Lord! Third daughter in a row.  Another burden on the father’s chest. So much money will have to be spent for her wedding.

– We must start saving money for dowry from now.

– Let us also start looking for a good husband and get her married to rid ourselves of the responsibility.

5-12 years

When she wants to study

– What is the point of investing money in her? There will be no returns.

– Spending in her education will be useless. Education can corrupt her mind.

– She should learn cooking and other household chores. What will she do with Math and Science? Will she become the Prime Minister?

– A girl should be more focused on serving her family. Her studies and career can only continue till she gets married.

– Or maybe we should let her study a little and get a degree. That will prove to be of great help in looking for a suitable groom. Men prefer educated wives these days

– But do not let the idea of working after marriage creep into her mind.

– Also, mother is the first teacher of the child. So she will be able to make her children learn better if she is educated. So we can think about it.

When she wants to get into sports or some extra-curricular activity

– What is the point of learning all this dance and drama? Do you want to become a woman with loose morals? All this does not suit girls who are from a good family.

– This is not a decent hobby to pursue. Join some cooking class. Will you become a dancer? Television and movies have ruined your mind.

– We have given her too much freedom. She is getting out of hand.

– Girls are not into sports. How will you survive among boys? Boys are stronger physically, which makes them better at such things. You can’t compete with them.

12-18 years

– Do not talk to boys. Do not go out with your male friends. What will people say?

– It is not safe to go out so late in the night or come back late. You are a girl, so you have to first think about your safety.

– Where are you going? Who are you going with? There should not be any boys around.

– Come back before 7 pm.

– What is the need to wear such clothes? You are not a kid now. Such revealing clothes can entice men. Why are you inviting trouble?

– You should dress more decently. Do you wear such clothes so that men stare at you?

– You cannot become a lawyer. It is a male dominated field. Also a 5-year course will be too long. When will you get married?

– Mechanical engineering is for boys. Think of a career that is better suited to girls. You will not be able to survive in that field

– Get her married soon if you want her to remain chaste.

20-30 years

– We should start thinking about your marriage.

– Now that you have completed your studies, you should marry someone and settle down.

– You should not delay your marriage. All the good men will be taken by then.

– You should meet this man. He is working at a coveted position in a good company.

– We will find the right man for you. Love marriage is against our culture.

– You are a single woman, how can you go out alone on a trip?

– Your future husband would not want you to work. It will be better if you focus on managing the household.

– Your husband can earn enough for you. Why do you want to work? Who will look after the house and your children?

After marriage

– Didn’t your parents teach you anything?

– You can’t even cook properly. What do you do the entire day?

– Your job is keeping you so busy that you can’t even look after the house properly. This is why women shouldn’t work.

– The kids are spoilt because of you. What have you taught them?

– Your work is nothing compared to what I do the entire day.

– You have started earning, so you are showing this attitude?

– The first priorities of a woman should be her husband and children.

– You don’t even earn as much as I do. You just spend my money on shopping.