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Anglo nostalgia

Oozing old world charm in both its décor and menu, this restaurant gives you a taste of colonial cuisine

The visual appeal of the restaurant enhanced by the right selection of the tableware and the decor, matters in today’s world of stiff competition. Once you have your ambience right, your guest is comfortable and only then the whole experience becomes memorable.

Ajit Singh and Arpan Gupta, co-founders of Anglow: Whisky Bar & Anglo-Indian Kitchen, learnt their lessons early, hence launched Anglo-Indian theme restaurant with perfect detailing. As they say, “In today’s world where perfection is the key to success. We have been very particular with the minutest of details at Anglow. Just like the living room of British Raj, we have opted for white ceramic plates with our logo embedded on each piece, a design form that is symbolic of the kitchens of the bygone British era, remnants of which could still be found in places like the Gymkhana and Yacht Club. Our logo with its imperial feel keeps things minimalistic and allows the dishes to stand out and make the desired impact.”

In a setting inspired by the grandeur of the colonial times, our first dish of the classy lunch showcased the young owners’ thought process well. Potatoes in their jackets came beautifully plated, with the platter decked with ‘pearls’ of dips. The taste is impeccable, flavoured with butter, garlic and thyme. The succulent shami kebabs were devoured in few seconds and some of us couldn’t resist finger-licking the dips. Taste and enjoyment matters, not who is watching!

By now we knew Anglow is true to its turf of specialising in distinctly Anglo-Indian fare. Hence the next dish had to be Railway Mutton Curry, a spiced curry along with coconut cream and vinegar. It is served with cabbage fugal and we opted to team it with rice and Malabar parathas.

Next was vegetables in Dak-Bungalow Curry. It was just right, with the spices in seasonal vegetables and topped with a boiled egg and halved potatoes. Served with chickpea salad and an option of rice, dinner rolls or Malabar parathas, we relished seasonal flavours.

Mixed Meat Shepherd’s Pie is chef’s favourite and hence not to be missed. He prepares it in classic style with minced pork, pork sausage, chopped bacon and chopped salami flavoured with Worcestershire sauce and cinnamon. It is absolutely enticing, topped with potato mash and cheese.

You will be pleasantly surprised to see khichri on the menu. So the day you wish to have a light lunch, opt for this staple dish and see how nicely it is flavoured with herbs and ingredients like parsley and flaked fish. Remember, you are on an Anglo- Indian fare so your khichdi is Britons’ Kedgreeby which has a strong fan following back in England. From Devilled/Scotch Eggs, Assorted Roasts, Soups to Country Chicken Stew, Vindaloo and a wide variety of desserts like Tipsy Pudding and Crème Brûlée, Anglow will take its patrons on a culinary sojourn set in the backdrop of 18th and 19th century India.

To complement your food experience, Anglow boasts of an impressive bar that offers a carefully curated selection of single malts, wines, cocktails ranging from classics such as The Gibson, GNT (Gin and Tonic) and Sidecar. Ask for in-house signature cocktails like Anglow Spice, King’s Derby and Coffee Train. For us Lavender Breeze’ was the star. A perfect combination of gin, lavender flavour, Earl Grey Tea, Lime & Tonic water, topped with lemon zest.

If it’s your ‘me’ time, pick up an interesting book from the shelf out there, enjoy your meal with popular retro numbers and classic hits to tune into the true Anglo-Indian spirit.

Address: 57, Khan Market