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How elites celebrate fashion

The Met Gala is not just an event for celebs to strut their stuff, it is also an opportunity for designers to showcase their work

The first Monday of May has an important place in the global fashion scene. The Met Gala, is not just a ball, it is more about the approval one gets once they attain a global presence. With the prevalence of social media, the event now has an international reputation and is attended by those who have made it to Anna Wintour’s most prestigious list of 600 people.

So, apart from all the fundraising that takes place in exchange of PR for top tier brands, or shedding light on the museum’s curatorial process or the fashion grievances that the world is dealing with at the moment, the occasion is a melting pot of emotion and drama, both for the ones who walk the carpet and the viewers who watch the proceedings from around the world.

For Priyanka Chopra, who walked the carpet for the third time, life came full circle this year when she attended the event with her husband, Nick Jonas whom she met for the first time at the gala back in 2017 wearing Ralph Lauren. “A story that I can share with our future kids,” writes Chopra on her Instagram stories, sharing pictures from the last gala with her husband. A series of images from the last couple of years setting the mood for this year’s glam –– that is how PeeCee’s social media team reminded her fans of the star’s whereabouts on the much-awaited Monday of the year.

Anna Wintour, who has given a new life to this event, goes through a meticulous process when she chooses the list of people who would be invited to the event. One doesn’t have to just be a rich or a privileged person, but of importance and global fame to be considered by the artistic director of Vogue, who serves the Costume Institute’s annual event as a consultant. A space full of high profile celebrities — from actors, designers to musicians and sportsperson, that is how Anna envisions the most celebrated fashion landscape that came into prominence in her tenure.

Primarily a fundraising event, the invitees pay a sum of 35,000$ to be a part of the gala, or an amount as huge as $2,75,000 for an entire table, all of which goes to the MET museum’s treasury for its Costume Institute’s annual events, exhibitions and acquisitions. Naturally, this gives fashion designers an opportunity to showcase their work by sponsoring various celebrities who walk the carpet wearing their creations.

Like Priyanka wearing a Dior dress, inspired by the Mad Hatter, that also resembled a cage with her beau, Nick in a white Dior suit, was a part of the product drive. Others sported the luxury label that sponsored their way in the ball. Deepika Padukone, who is yet another global name from  the Indian film industry, collaborated with fashion designer Zac Posen who designed her Barbie-inspired look for the actor’s appearance at the Gala.

Lady Gaga, who made an appearance way earlier than a lot of guests, had four changes for the pink carpet. Her entry, which was in fact a 15-minute performance, saw a series of looks from pink to black to pink again and finally to a shiny black lingerie set. Her entry that was a show stealer, led Wintour to tell the press that people can go back home, even when many had not even arrived.

Among others who levelled up to Gaga’s arrival were Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Ezra Miller, Celine Dion, Billy Porter and Serena Williams, who paired an extravagant gown with a pair of Nike Sneakers and was also a co-chair with Anna.

While the gala is considered the most prestigious fashion outing — with almost all the important personalities under one roof — there are always a few who give it a miss for various reasons. Rihanna who is a regular at the gala and hosting the after parties, dropped going to the event this time due to work commitments. To show her solidarity, she posted an image of Wintour on her Instagram.

The gala, which may be seen as pro-excess in the fashion business, celebrates fashion through the expression that designers and guests bring to the table. Even when fashion deals with the grimmest issues of all times today, the Gala holds a special place for anyone who looks
forward to the ostentatious side of it.