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Art within reach

With affordable prices and plenty of choices, there’s something for everybody here. Within Reach is a fitting title to an art collective that brings art within the reach of every art lover.

The annual Within Reach exposition of Gallerie Nvya is in its tenth edition now, with a pick of the choicest upcoming talent in art. The exhibition brings together a collective of 50 artists, in a varied repertoire, juxtaposing all the artistic tenets of colour, form and texture.

The 120 artworks on display are all finished to perfection and are newly created, so that the artists can provide collectors an exclusive offer.

Started in 2010, this annual series has come a long way. “Earlier, we started with about 10 artists and fewer number of artworks. We showcased artists from the gallery and people who would approach us. But over the years, we have also started researching and reaching out to artists, who we wanted to give a platform to,” says Meher Kalra, the curator.

Introducing 20 new artists in this edition, the exhibition also showcases the works of established, along with emerging artists. These artists have brought in new, unconventional works, exploring techniques in various mediums that have gradually evolved over the years.

One can see the colourful workmanship of Meher Khambeyta, as also the soothing garden scenes executed by Bhuwal Prasad. The tribal touches of Lal Bahadur Singh are a pleasant contrast to the clean lines of the delicate geometry of dancing cranes. “The art all around is spruce, colourful, well represented and creative, giving viewers a value for their time and money,” reads the note of the exhibition.

With no prescribed theme, no two works bear a commonality in execution and approach, which provides the viewers a chance to savour art from a wide range of styles.

The exhibition attempts to encourage more youngsters to take note of art. “Over the last few years, we have observed a shift, with a lot of youngsters looking forward to the exhibition. We want young collectors to find our art affordable, approachable and accessible,” says Kalra.

With such a vast collection, young collectors are sure to find something of their choice. The seasoned art connoisseurs will also be glad to see how Indian art is making headway.

The exhibition is on display at Gallerie Nvya till June 13