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Events of the week

Capturing reality

What: After the tragedy of a mining dam collapse in Brumadinho (Brazil), a documentary crew captured the daily lives of local residents. Train of Tears depicts the perplexity of a community that had their history wiped out by the toxic mud. Through the impressions of women who live in the area, the narrative is riddled with faith, pain and anger. The screening of the film will be introduced by Taina De Luccas.

When: May 21

Where: IIC, 40 Max Mueller Marg

Historical connect

What: Here’s a unique program that will take you around the Harappan Civilisation, while narrating the stories of the lives of people in those times. Titled Tracing the Footprints: Harappa, the event will be hosted by Sundeep Verma and Ruchi. Verma is a storyteller who gives meaning to the lost histories and helps you discover a personal association with these reservoirs of wisdom. Ruchi is a practising counselling psychologist who believes in the therapeutic value of expressive arts. So, join the event and hop on a ride to the past.

When: May 26 (2 pm – 5 pm)

Where: National Museum, Janpath

Celebrating classics

What: In an effort to promote different forms of Indian dance and music, here comes the second Sanskritik Mahotsav organised by Debadhara. An institution of Odissi dance, it upholds the unique style of late Guru Debaprasad Das and a synthetic gharana imbibing essence from the tribal, folk and classical dance form of Odisha. Every year, Debadhara organises various festivals of Indian dance and music in India and abroad, in order to promote and propagate our art forms at a global level. This festival brings them together on one platform to celebrate unity in diversity. This two-day celebration will feature Odissi, Bharatanatyam, Kathak performances on the first day, while on the concluding day, Shri Aayush Mohan (Sarod), Bidushi Meeta Pandit (Hindustani Classical Vocal) and Sufi Nizami Brothers will be performing.

When: May 18 – 19 (6:30pm)

Where: Triveni Kala Sangam, Mandi House