Events of the week

ByProma Chakraborty

May 24, 2019

Breaking shackles

What: Young Meeta is battling with herself, trying to fit into society. Confused about her emotions, she finally finds the missing piece of her puzzle in another girl, Nama, who makes her feel things she had never felt in her life. Will she be able to express her queer feelings to society? Will society accept her, without questioning her choice? Vijay Tendulkar’s play Meeta ki Kahani has been conceptualised, along the complexities of relationships, based on perceptions as well as understanding of moral values, reaching out to women in particular. Regardless of Article 377, has society been able to break the mental block and give acceptance to it? For people like Meeta, is ending their life due to inadequacy, a solution? This play urges the viewers to think and question such issues.

When: May 25 (7 pm), May 26 (11:30 am)

Where: Shri Ram Centre for Performing Arts, 4, Safdar Hashmi Marg

Musical jamboree

What: Cajon, trombone, trumpet, bass, guitars, ukuleles, keyboard – they have an unorthodox blend of instruments and are constantly experimenting with sound. Chizai started with just two members and is now a band of five. Tap your feet along to their great music, surrounded with friends, delectable food and drinks. Through innovation, experimentations and reinvention, Chizai is all about creating new music.

When: May 25 (9:30 pm)

Where: Saints N Sinners, Sector 43, Gurgaon

Emotional connect

What: A former advertising professional, Ana Jain brings her sense of aesthetics and design to create art that is not just visually appealing, but also intense and thought provoking. Her solo exhibition Yugen showcases a body of work that represents those moments when how you feel transcends description, and you wonder how limiting language can be. . Through these artworks, Ana expresses her moments of Yugen, showcasing a broad variety of work, including watercolour, acrylic, and mix media work on paper and canvas. Her works are open to interpretation by the viewer, according to their life experiences, memories, emotions, feelings and how they relate to these.

When: May 23 – June 1 (11 am – 8 pm)

Where: Triveni Kala Sangam, 1, Copernicus Marg, Mandi House