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Viral lies: Exposed

Misinformation through whatsapp forwards —videos and photos — spreads like wildfire. Here is our compilation of fake whatsapp videos that went viral and the reality behind these distorted facts

What was shown: A photograph of two damaged cars has been shared on social media with the claim that their bumpers “melted” due to extreme heat in Saudi Arabia. On WhatApp, this picture is being shared with the narrative that this was the state of cars due to high temperature in Churu, Rajasthan. But it is a 2018 photo from Arizona, USA. The cars were damaged not due to an extreme temperature but because of a fire at a construction site close to where the vehicles were parked.

What was shown: A set of photos of a grievously injured woman are viral on social media with claims that she is a Mumbai based journalist Nitika Rao who was attacked for questioning the government about the missing Indian Air Force aircraft. But when she was contacted by a news agency, she said that she was assaulted by the goons of a builder four days ago and was not attacked for questioning the government about missing airplanes.

What was shown: An old video from 2015 showing a group of children being detained has gone viral with misleading claims suggesting that they were being sent for terror training at a madrasa. But several news reports stated that the children were from Bihar’s Purnea-Kishengunj belt, and were on their way to Pune for training in a madrasa.

What was shown: A video viral on social media is being shared with the claim that it depicts a crowd of people stabbing an 8-year-old’s rapist in the middle of the road in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh. Several individuals, while praising the act, allege that the rapist was a Muslim. But the case happened in Hyderabad and not Uttar Pradesh. The victim was not stabbed for raping a minor but marrying a woman without the consent of her parents.