Events of the week


Jun 21, 2019

Soulful musical

What: Every artist has a journey. A journey of an endless search. A journey that is filled with ups and downs, acceptance and rejection, pain and satisfaction. The play, Tansen explores this journey through the life of the legendary Tansen. What was it that made him the great Tansen and what was his search till the end of his life? After 32 successful shows all over the country, The Trialouge Company’s soul stirring musical is back in Delhi to take the audience on a journey of ishq and ibadat.

When: June 28 – July 2 (6 pm – 7:45 pm)

Where: The Attic, 36 Regal Building, CP

Sufi harmony

What: With proficiency in Rajasthani folk fusion, Sufi fusion, instrumental fusion and Bollywood mashup, Swaraag believes in bringing new layers to traditional classics. The band brings the best of the traditional Rajasthani music, amalgamated with modern instruments, to create a mellifluous experience for the audience. Being a part of the talent show Rising Star, the band has received appreciation from the industry. Having performed worldwide in multiple festivals across France and UK, the band has a soul of folk fusion that has gathered inspirations from across the globe. Their musical performance will stir all the right notes within your soul. Join it to enjoy the performance of the Indo-western fusion band as they transform your evening with their beautiful folk and fusion flair.

When: June 23 (8:30 pm)

Where: Farzi Café, Aerocity

Posters from past

What: Since the late 19th to the early 20th century, poster designs were recognised in the Polish artistic tradition as a source of national pride. It was considered a driving force of artistic progress as it brought together architecture, painting and sculpture with artistic design. Bringing together such archival posters from the collection of the Poster Museum at Willanow, here is an exhibition titled Between Art Deco and Modernism  — Polish Posters from 1918 – 1939. It was precisely the ability to blend both the new and the existing designs that brought Polish artists to a level of international recognition for their modern stylisation and interpretation of folklore. The two distinct approaches  — traditionalism and modernism — complemented each other and were often combined in a manner that allowed for individual expression. It was this harmonious synthesis that best-defined Polish poster art in the period between the wars.

When: June 19 – 28 (6:30 pm – 9:30 pm)

Where: India International Centre, 40 Max Mueller Marg