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Viral lies: exposed

Misinformation through Whatsapp forwards —videos and photos — spreads like wildfire. Here is our compilation of fake Whatsapp videos that went viral and the reality behind these distorted facts

What was shown: A video got viral showing a young man being mercilessly beaten up by some students of Kendriya Vidhyalaya. But, it was found that this video is not from a Kendriya Vidhyalaya school as claimed. It is from a college in Anantpur, Andhra Pradesh and the incident was fallout of a love affair.

What was shown: A picture of Baba Ramdev surrounded by several people, one of whom is Sri Sri Ravi Shankar handing him a glass of water is viral on WhatsApp. It is being shared with the claim that Ramdev went to Germany for knee surgery. But, it was found that multiple articles published is 2011 carried the same image. According to a report, Baba Ramdev was on a hunger strike since June 4, 2011, demanding tougher anti-corruption law. On June 10, 2011, he was admitted to a hospital in Uttarakhand after his condition deteriorated at his Patanjali Yogapeeth ashram in Haridwar and this image was clicked at that time.

What was shown: A message promising people free solar panels distributed by the government under a scheme initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trending and is being shared everywhere. The message in Hindi claims one can avail of free solar panels if one fills up the form on ‘’. URL is also mentioned in the message for helping people to fill form, After filling details users are prompted to share the message to 10 WhatsApp groups. But the message was not true and a common method used by fraudulent websites to collect personal details of people. No such scheme exists. Additionally, government websites end with ‘’ or ‘.nic’ and are not hosted on the blogspot domain which is meant for blogs.

What was shown: A video of man brutally beating children has been shared on various social media platforms claiming that the man who is brutally beating the children in the video is a school teacher by the name Shakil Ahmed Ansari who works with DPS Rajbagh in Kathua in Jammu and Kashmir. In July 2018 the same video went viral with a claim that a school teacher at RM VM School in Gujarat’s Valsad district was brutally thrashing the children. The video is not from India but Egypt where an orphanage manager named Osama Mohammed Othman was secretly filmed, by his estranged wife, beating the children with a stick and kicking them.