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Castle hustle

Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to be wowed by both the décor and the menu

Spread across 18,000 sq feet over three floors with a sprawling terrace, Sutra – The Gastropub, is a new entrant in Sector 38, Noida which has already become a popular hangout and an ideal party place. It is run by Alina Hospitality, which boasts of two other Sutra outlets in Cyber Hub and Sector 29, Gurgaon.

Designed as a castle from the outside with a glorious flame lit up at night on one of the pillars, the design and interiors are truly mesmerising. You enter and get transported to a unique world of eclectic colours and fluttering butterflies. Every corner is so prettily done, it tempts you to get into selfie mode.

There is an impressive counter where several young bartenders are busy shaking and mixing exotic drinks to match any mood. A big space in the centre turns into a dance floor every night and there is a fairly large stage for the DJ console or live musicians. This is the Sutra space that is meant to let you forget your stress and be happy enjoying the warm service, good food and outstanding music.

The key attraction of the restaurant is the terrace with three different sections, ideal for hosting  a party up to 200 people. The decor is enhanced with the most amazing neon signs featuring quotes and characters.

Eclectic menu

The food at Sutra is as eclectic as the decor. It is exhaustive with sections like bar crunchies, Asian choices, Chef’s special fusion menu, Italian as well as 20+ Indian finger-licking dishes. It’s hard to decide  exactly what to order and that’s when you need Brand Chef Chanchal Datta to pitch in with his recommendations.

For vegetarians, he recommends Mini Masala Dosa, delicate dosa rolls filled with tempered potatoes and veggies, served with sambhar; Jaipuri Tikki – Crispy baby-corn and cashew paneer tikki coated with lentil; and puchhkas – which are as crisp and tangy as you would like to have on the street. For non-vegetarians, Mango Ginger Chicken fillet with ground spices, mango ginger, cooked over a griddle and ‘Gunpowder Roasted Chicken Thigh’ are very popular items to start with.

What takes the table by storm is ‘Bhatti Ka Kukkad’ – done live on table with whole spring chicken cooked in charcoal bhatti smoke served with assortment of salsa, gravy and stuffed mini kulcha. Truly an unparalleled treat both for the eyes and the taste. It is so heartening to see how chef takes about good 20 minutes in smoking it, then plating it like an artist right in front of the guests. Well-made, it is bursting with flavours and is satiating.

Murgh Bharwan Lahori — minced chicken bharta stuffed char-grilled chicken served with cherry tomato chutney is fingerlicking, to say the least. Peshawari Boti — Sous-vide roasted spiced lamb chunks tandoor grilled served with cumin mint jelly make for a deep satisfying and filling dish.

There are several versions of Delhi street chaat. Here Chef Chanchal has made it truly interesting with crispy tortilla filled with street chaat ingredients and assortment of sauces.

Likewise, Litti Chokha of Bihar is served in an enticing style. Aptly called ‘Litti Cum Sutra’, this traditional delicacy is given a Sutra makeover with burnt potato chokha and ghee salsa.

‘Dahi Kebab Doughnuts’ are again a delightful take on the usual dahi kebab as they come infused with tamarind chutney and vodka chilli spheres. Perfect for the monsoons too.

When it comes to dessert, guests are once again taken on an artist’s journey as the chef paints the entire chocolate earth canvas in front of them. With a theme of Beauty of Nature, it is an edible artwork of chocolate tree, decorated with candy floss, soil and ice cream. There is also ‘Masala Thandai Panna Cotta’ – yes, chef’s little twist here again to offer a creamy and nutty panna cotta.

The drinks are colourful, bright and exciting in synergy with the theme of the restaurant. Do not miss the signature ones — ‘Let Your Hearts Flutter’ is a colour-changing gin-based cocktail paired with homemade orange syrup, spiced blue tea and citrus. ‘To Bee Or Not To Bee’ is a tequila-based floral cocktail paired with elder flower cordial, bitters, citrus and splash of tonic water.

Tipsy Titliyan is a bourbon whiskey cocktail paired with chamomile tea syrup, citrus, bitters and egg white.

If you are looking for a place to spend a memorable evening with your loved ones, or a de-stressing corporate meeting, walk into Sutra Pub with the right pair of shoes. Believe me, you will be back here soon.

Address:  Sector 38, Noida