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Viral lies: exposed

Misinformation through Whatsapp forwards —videos and photos — spreads like wildfire. Here is our compilation of fake Whatsapp videos that went viral and the reality behind these distorted facts

What was shown: A video showing police Lathi charging a group of people with beard wearing skull caps and kurta payjama claiming that Kashmiri’s were being beaten by J&K police for protesting against abrogation of Article 370 and Article  35A. But later on, it was found that the video was four years old and this incident took place in Bihar’s “Gardhani Bagh”, where teachers were protesting for improvement of local madarsa’s of Bihar.

What was shown: A video showing former Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav being arrested by police for protesting against the revocation of article 370 from the state of Jammu & Kashmir by the central government, is heavily being circulated on Facebook, twitter and Whatsapp. But later on, it was found that the video is 8-years-old, when Akhilesh and his party members were arrested, as they were protesting across the state against the then ruling party B.S.P and their chief Mayawati.

What was shown: After the revocation of Article 370 by the BJP government, several property sale adverts from J&K are now making round and circle on social media platforms claiming land available for sale at affordable price in various parts of Kashmir. But later on, it was found that the advertisements were fake and were just being rolled out to create hoax and make hay while its sunshine.

What was shown: A series of posts were been circulated on the social media platforms before eid ul adha claiming that government banning animal slaughter in the valley, the posts which were been posted included screen grab of mirror now showing breaking news “ban imposed on sacrificing animal in Kashmir”. But later on, the channel answered that nothing as such has been telecasted by the channel and the screen grab which is been circulated around is fake and is been photoshopped just to create unrest.