Pop goes the artist

ByProma Chakraborty

Oct 11, 2019

An exhibition of pop art presented in interior installations tries to bring the spotlight on this still obscure genre

Deviating from fine art and focusing on popular and mass culture such as objects, advertising, celebrity icons and commercial products, this one’s a lesser known genre in the Indian art market.

We are talking about pop art, which is yet to take off in the conventional art scene of India. In an attempt to change this and shed light on this art movement, here’s an exhibition titled ‘POP! Goes The Easel’.

Elevating popular culture to the level of fine art, the subject matter of pop art moves far from traditional themes of mythology and classic history. This group show brings together over 10 Indian artists who have focused their practice wholly or partly on pop art.

Organised by Nivasa (a furniture and design brand) in collaboration with Artinsic (an art consultancy that promotes contemporary Indian art), this group show aims at bringing into focus a less popular genre in art and combining it with Nivasa’s interiors to suit the sensibilities of modern home spaces.

“Nivasa Contemporary’s space makes for the perfect setting for a show that is quirky and colourful. Showcasing these works amidst modern home settings will give the audience an idea and understanding of how pop art can be accommodated in their personal spaces,” says Saba Kapoor, founder of Nivasa Contemporary.

Bringing to the forefront some unconventional creators from around the country, the exhibition features works of Ahmedabad-based portrait artist Alpesh Dave who presents portraits of celebrities and icons created by integrating thread and acrylic on canvas.

Finding a Singapore-based Indian pop artist Sukeshi Sondhi through Instagram, the curator managed to have her works brought in for the show as well. A multi-disciplinary artist, Sondhi’s works include drawings, paintings, videos, installations, and performance art.

Her latest works, The Hashtags (2019) feature a series of tongue-in-cheek humanoid creatures. She uses the medium of collage and digital animation to study the influence of consumerism, branded luxury goods and the advent of social media on the female identity.

Another self-taught artist Vernika Singh dabbles in painting with acrylics and sculpting. Her series focuses on balloons.

Quite interestingly, artist Sanuj Birla hand paints on real money. His unique money art is inspired by the cartoon character Richie Rich and has an array of well-known characters like Batman and Scrooge McDuck, among others.

“Ever since the inception of Artinsic, my aim has been to bring about awareness. In a country that boasts an incredibly strong history of art, where talent knows no bounds, there is so much on offer for every palate. ‘Pop Art’ is one of the art movements that tops my list of favourites and this unique exhibition brings that to light”, shares Shreya Chadha Chug, founder of Artinsic.

The exhibition is on display at Nivasa Contemporary store in Sultanpur till November 1