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Reporting From Delhi

Events of the week

ByProma Chakraborty

Nov 1, 2019

Going back

What: In 1948, after arranging for her children to flee to America to escape the turbulence of the Greek Civil War, Eleni Gage was executed by the communists occupying her village. Decades later, her son, a successful journalist in New York, returns home to find out who was responsible for her death. Based on a true story of New York Times reporter Nicholas

Gage, Peter Yates directed Eleni 1985, a 1985 Greek film with English subtitles is set to be screened in the city.

When: November 9 (7 pm)

Where: India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road

Vibrant hues

What: Stories have always held a special fascination for the human mind, not in the least for providing escape to alternate realities, where the ‘abstract’ comes on its own and becomes a meaningful entity.  It is this universal art of storytelling that artist Tanu Yadav tries to imbibe in her work, adeptly substituting words with colours to weave threads of stories, progressing from one canvas to another. On display at the exhibition ‘Ethereal Harmony’, the subject matters for her works are universal in their appeal. The works focus on the interaction of individuals with their immediate landscape and prevailing culture, trying to replicate every resulting emotion with a stroke of brush on canvas. Our growing pop culture is an inspiration for Yadav. Her works play with visual ideas and colours, creating images that have many layers of meanings and communicate at various levels.

When: November 1 – 11 (11 am–8 pm)

Where: Triveni Kala Sangam, Mandi House

North East connect

What: Block your dates, Dellhi-ites, as the North East Festival is back. Celebrating its journey over the past six years, this festival has been able to create awareness about the region, to provide a platform and to promote the region as a tourism destination. North East Festival’s success comes from originality, through its high quality music with some of the legendary and finest acts, topnotch fashion showcase with celebrity designers, Delhi’s favourite food carnival, art and photography exhibition and workshops, folk dance and songs of North East India. In a colourful ambience, the festival will also host discussion sessions, biggest handloom and handicraft exhibitions.

When: November 8-10 (10 am-1 pm)

Where: Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Man Singh Road