• September 30, 2020 11:35 pm

Reporting From Delhi

Droolworthy fare

You are spoilt for choices with a huge menu to savour a number of exotic dishes. Hospitality at its best

It’s a mellow and smoggy evening, with very little traffic on the road. The Janpath area in Lutyens Delhi is calmer than usual. As we approach a lane dominated by a Lexus car showroom, we see a cute signboard brightly lit, directing us to our destination — Plum by Bent Chair.

Completely unaware of what’s in store for us — as we go up the stairs, our senses are awake with the eccentricity that is in abundance within our sight. As the manager takes us to a table in the corner of the restaurant, it’s like being hit by a psychedelic trip.

The lights, the music, the decor — everything adds up to the experience that Plum has to offer. We see lots of colourful chairs and tables, in all sizes and upholstery, showcasing what Bent Chair stands for.

Digital is the way. We are given two tablets to see a plethora of dishes and drinks available at Plum. To ease up the choosing process, each dish comes with a separate video, showing its ingredients and how it’s prepared.

Yet, overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices we have been provided, we still ask the manager to savour the best of it all. We opted for the Plum Signature Cocktails, and were recommended Thai Mojito and Passion-Ista.

In a bit, the table is graced by these two very refreshing drinks indicating the grand feast that awaits us. Fruity and bright, the Passion-Ista is diametrically opposite to its sister — Thai Mojito, which is an interesting take on your regular Mojitos — only more flavourful.

To kickstart the culinary experience, we had Dynamic Prawn Dumplings. The dumplings packed with filings that included Bamboo Pith, were very soft, and yet crisp. A great option for health enthusiasts, the Quinoa Chicken Poached Dumplings was enveloped with black quinoa. The chicken inside these dumplings melts right in your mouth.

As we write this review, we can’t help but drool as we look back at the pictures. Next up was Salmon Truffle Cream Cheese. The cheese is a welcoming touch to the Sushi, and quite interestingly doesn’t take over the taste of Salmon.

Sweet and Sour Roast Pork Bao were hands down the best bao we ever tried. The pork retains its crispiness, complementing the softer crust of the bao.

Taking a break in the middle and to quench our thirst, we ordered Fig in Fashion and Elderflower and Blue Berries Spritzer. If you like your drinks strong, the former is for you. The spritzer came in a rather big glass and the aroma of the drink will blow you away.

Back to the food marathon. We ordered Steamed Prawns, a healthy recommendation by the manager. Even though we felt it slightly salty towards the tail, the delicateness of the dish proved it was cooked with a lot of care.

Lamb Brains which comes in a green pepper golden curry, is served with Bao. Covered in bread crumbs, as you cut the lamb, the texture came out all gooey, which went perfectly with the accompanied bao.

On the insistence of the manager, we ordered two more drinks — Mai Tai and When Kappa Met Gari. Delightful as their names, both these drinks suited our mood by the time we approached the Mains section.

As the description suggests — If you’re not high, then try Mai Tai. We were not disappointed by the claim. White and dark rum did their work as lemon juice and orgeat syrup enhanced the taste further.

To elucidate its name, When Kappa Met Gari — is an ode to the Japanese ingredients “Kappa, the Cucumber” and “Gari, the pickled Ginger.”

We couldn’t stop jiving to the music as we took occasional sips of our drinks. The DJ in the restaurant is amazing with the playlist, as numbers like Lady (Hear Me Tonight) by Mojdo goes in sync with the vibe that Bent Chair offers.

We also ordered Pork Belly Cubes. Slowly roasted pork belly does its charm as the five-spice dark soy elevates the taste of the pork.

To approach the final stage of this delicious marathon, we order Sage Arm Chair — as the restaurant has named some of its dishes after iconic furnishings.

The fish was quite fresh and juicy with no added sauce. So much so, that it felt like the chef went to the dockyard for us too and handpicked the fish for us.

Golden Lamb Shanks Curry, the manager tells us, takes just five hours to cook, and we had no doubts after taking the first bite. The lamb was super soft, resting on top of the spiced golden curry, and accompanied by Jasmine Truffle rice. Priced a bit on the higher side, it’s definitely worth the money. As if these dishes did not bowl us over, we had to try at least one dessert. So we went for Bunny Tool Sculpture that came with spiced hot chocolate and marshmallows. Dipping the marshmallows in a pool of spiced hot chocolate was a satisfying experience.

Still engrossed in the process of licking our spoons clean, we see that a server comes and tables another plate from the dessert section. Wing Cupid Angels — a blend of Nutella and bananas that was served as a form of sushi. It was a an utterly delightful combination.

We have one thing to say to you — you deserve the experience that Plum by Bent Chair promises.

Plum by Bent Chair, 22, Janpath Road, Janpath, New Delhi

Review done on request