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Nov 15, 2019

Tales of temples

What: Odisha, the eastern coastal state is most known for its three temples of Jagannatha (Puri), Konark and Lingaraj. Of these, the two most known living temples are that Jagannatha Puri and Lingaraj. With this as backdrop, Siddhartha Das Studio is showcasing models of the Lingaraj and Jagannatha Temples, the making of the Rath used during Rath Yatra in Puri, Palm leaf engraving depicting iconography of the Lingaraj and Jagannatha Temples and series of Pattachitra paintings depicting various legends from the Shiva Purana all made either using stone or wood. Titled ‘Interpreting Temples’, the exhibition invites the visitors to interpret these two, centuries old sacred temples of Odisha.

When: November 23 – December 6

Where: India International Centre, 40 Max Mueller Marg

Classical celebrations

What: SaMaPa (Sopori Academy of Music and Performing Arts) is back with the 15th annual edition of its five-day prestigious SaMaPa Sangeet Sammelan. SaMaPa is a cultural movement translating from a deep-rooted vision of its chairman, Pandit Bhajan Sopori in creating a unique, unbiased and empowering national level platform for presentation, propagation and teaching of traditional music and performing arts for the artists and the young talents. SaMaPa widens its horizon into the general masses by creating the right platform for better appreciation and understanding of the traditional music and its technicalities, and enabling them to utilise the power of music in leading a more balanced life, as well as exploring opportunities with music as means to their employment. The festival attracts connoisseurs of music from various parts of the country.

When: November 19-24 (6:30 pm)

Where: India Habitat Centre and Kamani Auditorium

Missing vultures

What: Our very existence on this planet earth is endangered because of global warming, deforestation, urbanisation, modernisation, illegal mining and so on — and these pose formidable challenges to mankind. Abid Zaidi, a post-doctorate in history of arts is conscious of this problem, in which whole of mankind, birds, animals and our ecosystem are endangered. Since childhood, she had been frequenting old monuments and dilapidated buildings where she spotted many birds in abundance.  With the passage of time she observed that the population of the vultures has greatly reduced. Shrinking of the habitats of the varied species of flora and fauna affected the artist to the extent of depicting the grim picture through her paintings. Her works are on display at the exhibition Pehchaan in India Art Festival.

When: November 14 – 17 (11am – 7pm)

Where: Booth No. 81, India Art Festival at Thyagaraj Stadium