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Viral lies: exposed

Misinformation through whatsapp forwards —videos and photos — spreads like wildfire. Here is our compilation of fake whatsapp videos that went viral and the reality behind these distorted facts

What was shown: A photo of Kanhaiya Kumar striking an animated pose with a map in the background that shows Kashmir as a part of Pakistan, has been circulating on Facebook and Twitter in the past few days. The Urdu text on the top right hand corner of the map translates to, “The future map of India that we want,”. The image is going viral with a message in Hindi which translates to, “Friends, don’t look at Kanhaiya…look carefully at the map of India behind him…and then some people say Kanhaiya is innocent. But the image is photoshopped. Several news reports had carried the image which did not have the map.

What was shown:  A 1:05 minute video that shows a hysterical woman verbally abusing an immigration officer and finally slapping him in anger has gone viral across Facebook and Twitter with two claims – that the woman is an Indian and she has been sentenced to 3 years in jail. The video has been viewed more than 20,000 times. But the woman in the video, identified as Auj-E-Taqqadas, is a British national of Pakistani origin. Taqqadas, who was headed to Singapore, was detained, for overstaying her visa by 160 days.

What was shown: “Aditya Thackeray reaches Khwaja’s darbar. Wish of having a Shiv Sena CM has been fulfilled. For a party that swears by Hindutva, it has been enriched by a visit to the Ajmer darbar.” The above message has been posted on social media, along with a set of photographs showing Shiv Sena leaders Uddhav Thackeray and Aditya Thackeray offering a chaddar. Several Facebook users have posted these photographs along with the identical message. It is being claimed that the Thackeray family visited the Ajmer dargah after they succeeded in forming the government in Maharashtra along with NCP and Congress. But the photographs in question are not recent and thus, do not pertain to any visit post the formation of the Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress government in Maharashtra.

What was shown:  A message shared widely on social media and WhatsApp claims that 500 kilograms of dog meat has been seized by officials from Nashik railway station. The message along with photos states that dog meat is supplied daily to restaurants and dhabas in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, and that a list of restaurants where the meat is supplied will be made public soon. But the photograph pertains to rotten goat and sheep meat seized at the Egmore railway station in Chennai in November 2018.