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Viral lies: exposed

Misinformation through Whatsapp forwards —videos and photos — spreads like wildfire. Here is our compilation of fake Whatsapp videos that went viral and the reality behind these distorted facts

What was shown: A video that allegedly shows refugees illegally crossing the India-Bangladesh border is being shared on social media with claims that Bangladeshi Hindus are coming to India after the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (CAB) was passed in both houses of parliament, this week. The claim accompanying the 30-second long clip, which shows many people jump over a barbed wire fence, reads: “After Passed #CAB at Lok Sabha then all Bangladeshi Hindus are Coming to India without permission. #ShameGovt #ShameBJP #ShameCM #AssamIsNotADustbinOfBangladeshis #SayNoCAB.” But the video is from January 22, 2019, over 11 months before the CAB was cleared in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha.

What was shown: Twitter handle @NioZenji has shared a video with the caption, “man-made buildings are no match for nature/heaven’s power. The Mighty Buddhist God Vajrapani & Indradeva wield the power of Lightning & Thunder. Many Devas in Dharmic pantheon are personifications of the forces of the Universe. In Japan we honor these deities as “Shoten Zenjin.” Another Twitter user @OrgPhysics had shared the same video on September 6 as “A view of Hurricane Dorian from the coasts of Florida.“ But the video is a digitally-created, based on an artwork by US-based photographer Brent Shavnore. He had uploaded it on his Instagram account in May.

What was shown: A graphic with photographs of Hyderabad rape accused is widely circulating on social media. It identifies the four accused as, Mohammed Pasha, Mohammed Iqbal, Mohammed Rahim, Mohammed Akram. It is being suggested that apart from Mohammed Pasha, a 26-year-old lorry driver, the other three accused in the Hyderabad rape case were also from the Muslim community. But the claim that all the accused in the Hyderabad rape case hailed from the Muslim community is false. In a press note issued by the police, the accused were identified as – Pasha, Shiva, Naveen and Keshavulu.

What was shown: A video of a woman entrepreneur receiving an award is viral on social media with a claim that she is the 26-year old veterinarian doctor from Hyderabad who was raped and murdered in November 2019. An unrelated video is now viral with a caption in Hindi which misidentifies the victim. The video is being shared with a caption that translates to – “The death of Divya Reddy in the Hyderabad case is not only an end of a doctor, but a government awarded vet scientist and researcher has been sacrificed for lust. This is an incredible harm to the world..” But the woman seen in the viral video is not the Hyderabad rape victim. As can be heard in the viral clip, the woman in the viral video introduces herself as Divya Allola Reddy.