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Reporting From Delhi

No desi Chinese here

BySharmila Chand

Jan 10, 2020

For once, get away from the fast food kiosks and head for a place where the cuisine is authentic and the kitchen is in full view

WITH A distinct philosophy, aesthetics and menu, The China Kitchen at Hyatt Regency Delhi offering authentic Beijing Street food in a premium dining setting has now ventured outside the hotel premises with TCK by The China Kitchen in Cyber Hub, Gurgaon.

Situated on the ground floor, TCK is spread across 3,000 sq ft and can host up to 80 guests. Here dining seems like more than just a meal — it’s a magical journey with an interactive stage where bartenders and chefs showcase a rhapsody of creativity, thereby making the restaurant a popular destination to relax in and indulge in true Chinese style.

‘Experience your food’ is a phrase that comes alive with every course. TCK follows an open floor plan wherein diners can see their dishes being made with open stations for Peking duck, crêpes, dumplings and noodles, no matter where they are seated. Upbeat music sets a fun vibe without disrupting conversations.

A team of three expat chefs headed by Chef Zhang Hong Sheng presents a stunning menu consisting of a diverse spread of culinary classics such as Peking duck, Gong Bao chicken, braised tofu and broccoli, and Spicy Mapo Tofu amongst others.

As we embarked on our culinary journey that lovely afternoon, Veg TCK Salad was a perfect start, topped with the goodness of avocado, mushrooms and cress, it surely awoke our taste buds for more to come. Sichuan Chicken Salad is for those who like more fiery flavours, topped with sesame; this salad is a must-have for all wing lovers.

Shanghai Chicken Dumpling is a soft and crunchy delicacy here, and pairs beautifully with an amazing Shaoxing wine while Shao Mai Prawns clearly steal the show for seafood enthusiasts. Truffle Mushroom Dumplings — transparent, delicate and delicious — are a delight for all veggie lovers as they ooze with apt flavours of the right texture.

Spicy Veggie and Tofu Pancakes with cheese is a dish offering a break from your traditional pancakes, stuffed with secret spices. Peking Duck is a trademark dish that’s been celebrated by authentic Chinese cuisine for over 300 years. The duck is crisp, golden brown, cooked to perfection. “We source the ducks from Cheery Farm Breed, one of the best available breeds for Peking duck preparations,” says Chef Qu Xue Wen.

Gong Bao Chicken, another very popular dish, is a combination of cashews, chestnuts and dried chilli and will give you a delightful blast of pure Chinese flavours. Mapo Tofu is a tofu platter paired with a string of fresh spring onions. String beans paired with garlic and dried chili, are done perfectly.

Round off your meal with XO Chocolate Cigars made with milk chocolate, brandy and wholesome whipped cream. This dessert is not only a must-have for all chocolate lovers but is memorable for its distinctive presentation.

And if you enjoy a drink with your meal, do try Yin Yang, a signature vodka-based cocktail made with seasoned kaffir lime and lemongrass.

As is clear by now, if authentic Chinese food is on your mind, head to TCK By The China Kitchen and you will not be disappointed.


Price: Meal for two Rs 1,900+taxes, alcohol not included

Time: Open 7 days a week from noon to midnight