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Reporting From Delhi

Events of the week

ByProma Chakraborty

Jan 29, 2020


What: Through a series of composite sculptures in bronze, artist Rajesh Ram delves into stereotypical human and animal behaviour that influence socio-economic structures. On display at the ongoing exhibition titled ‘Growing Wild’, his body of work addresses the contradictions of growth, and of privileging one species over the rest. This is exemplified for instance, in the fury of the bull, paralleled with that of the financial markets, or in the aggression of the solitary tiger, paralleled with the egotistical man clamoring for personal success. Layered and replete with metaphorical meanings, the work speaks of freedom; to root oneself and belong, and the choice of unshackled flight. At another level, the work also speaks of the loss of our natural environment, the contested space of individual and collective identities and the cost of human progress.

When: January 23 – February 12 (11am – 7pm)

Where: Palette Art Gallery, 14, Golf Links, New Delhi

Classical dance

What: For all the dance aficionados in the city, India International Centre is back with their Double Bill Concert Series, where they present two styles in an evening. There’s Kathak before Mohiniyattam performance by Vani Bhalla Pahwa, the disciple of Padmashri Bharati Shivaji. She will be presenting a repertoire of some soulfully beautiful and lyrical compositions choreographed by her Guru, in a style she grew and evolved with over several years, and which is so unique in its identity and grace. The evening’s performances will be a combination of items highlighting the distinctly characteristic body movements of Mohiniyattam, along with abhinaya.

When: January 30 (7pm onwards)

Where: India International Centre, 40Max Mueller Marg


What: Artist Josh PS has been practicing art since 1999, and the space, time and history has fascinated him. Josh’s art pieces hold a degree of ambiguity layered with meaning and laced with irony. His work offers a means to those willing to read between the strokes. They speak the language of exploitation and resistance, of non-violence and bondage and the righteous desire for freedom. The colonial chessboard that colonised the fate of our country succeeded in conquering and pillaging not just the nation’s economic wealth but also the systematic scattering of its cultural heritage. The idea of uniqueness of every moment has left a mark in his every art piece. In his new solo exhibition – “Miscellaneous and the Mute” he explores and operates the ability of a single dot and line as carrier of information, where every stroke is as unique and un-identical to the one before.

When: January 12 – February 29 (11am – 7pm)

Where: F-210 D, old MB Road Lado Sarai