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Reporting From Delhi

Hues of wanderlust

ByProma Chakraborty

Feb 1, 2020

Drawing inspiration from her myriad travels, artist Roohi Kapoor’s recent paintings are all set to be on display at the exhibition ‘Flights of Fantasy’

FROM WATERFALLS in the Amazon, to the jungles of the Himalayas; from the frozen beaches in Iceland to historically illuminated ancient temples and structures in Egypt, artist Roohi Kapoor’s body of work is an ode the natural and man made wonders of the earth.

Her recent paintings are all set to be on display at the exhibition ‘Flights of Fantasy’. Her solo show is a clear testament that she draws inspiration from her myriad travels. “A lot of the works are places I have visited, the real sights that I have seen and experienced. But the way they have been painted is a play of reality and fantasy. Its not exactly realistic works,” explains Roohi.

Nature forms a central theme in all her works. Exhilarating energy can be witnessed through the flow of rivers, the happiness and adrenaline of dance, the quiet mystical forests, the calm of waves lapping up on a beach, the recharging somberness of quiet time and the transformational execution of yoga, all of which are reflected in her art works.

“I draw inspiration from the photographs that I have taken on the various places I have visited and later on paint them as landscapes,” adds Roohi.

The naturescapes articulate a narrative of colour, form, topography and elements, while the human figures are symmetrical, peaceful, introspective, and in perfect alignment with their inner being and their stance in the universe.

Working on this for the past year and a half, there will be 55 paintings on display. Roohi started painting as a child and she has evolved as an artist over the years with dedicated practice and a keen eye for observation.

As far as technique goes, Roohi’s body of work displays her skill of being an extremely versatile artist with the ability to create works using varying styles. What comes to her most naturally is working with a spatula on large canvasses and this is the technique she has used for all her works in ‘Flights of Fantasy.’ Generous, thick dabs of paint spread across a canvas with a palate knife end up in textures, progressing into shapes, forms and figures. Her spatula has discovered its alignment with her thoughts.

With myriad hues of acrylic paint, amazingly subtle and detailed shapes and forms, Roohi’s work radiate a sense of serenity and calm.

The exhibition will be on display at India Habitat Centre from February 6 to 9