• September 30, 2020 5:29 am

Reporting From Delhi

In the heat of the campaign

Following the trail of campaigns and roadshows, one cannot fail to register the efforts of political parties to win the voter’s mandate in the Delhi elections

WITH DELHI Assembly elections to be held on February 8 and results to be declared on the 11th, all the three parties i.e. BJP, AAP and Congress are holding events in different parts of the national capital to seek the support of voters. The 70-seat Assembly then has three parties looking to form the government with the ruling Aam Aadmi Party, the challenging BJP and the trailing Congress.

BJP has mostly centred its campaign around the citizenship law and NRC, the Aam Aadmi Party has chosen to highlight the work done by Kejriwal’s government in the past five years while the Congress is busy highlighting the work done by Sheila Dikshit who served as chief minister for 15 years.

Hamara Vidhayak kaisa ho, Raghav Chadha jaisa ho” the slogans came to life as one of AAP’s leader, Raghav Chadha stepped out of his car to start a roadshow at Shankar Road in Karol Bagh. He received a warm welcome from the public and was garlanded with marigolds before he began the rally. He greeted everybody with a smile on his face and took selfies with them. Sporting a white kurta-pajama, a cap and a sash with Aam Aadmi Party written on it, Chadha was accompanied by more than 50 supporters including men, women and six drums.

Caps, sashes and mobile badges with ‘I Love Kejriwal’ were distributed amongst the followers who wore Kejriwal masks to show support to the leader. Slogans of “Aam Aadmi Party zindabad, Achche beete panch saal, lagey raho Kejriwal, Dilli bole dil se phir se Kejriwal phir se” resounded across the streets accompanied by a song, “Sari Dilli bole dil se, lagey raho lagey raho Kejriwal.” People were seen holding placards and national flags while following the rally in auto-rickshaws w decorated with flowers and posters of the CM candidate. People leaned out of the windows, doors, and shops to greet him and Chadhacould be seen responding with a smile and wave of his hands.

“Rajan”, one of the followers who works in a batteries and inverter repair shop said, “Whosoever will become PM but Arwind Kejriwal should become the CM of Delhi because he has done more work for Delhi than others.”

On the other hand, Home Minister Amit Shah leading the BJP’S Delhi campaign, addressed a rally in Jawaharlal Nehru stadium where thousands of people were seen participating in support of the BJP. The stadium was decorated with tri-colour ribbons and the stage with flowers with lotus as the main symbol. The people were seen holding flags and placards in their hands. Amit Shah in his powerful voice gave a speech where he said BJP will form the government under Narendra Modi’s leadership and that people can only be fooled once, Kejriwal has managed to fool people once. He said that it can be seen from the people gathered in the rally who will win the elections this time.

Bharatiya Janata Party supporters also organised a bike rally from the party state office as part of an assembly elections campaign and chanted slogans “Na ayega Aam Aadmi na ayega Congress ayega sirf BJP “. BJP MP Meenaskashi Lekhi was also present at the event where she said that people of Delhi want BJP to win the election and are in support of BJP. The bikers were seen wearing saffron t-shirts with Amit Shah and Narendra Modi’s picture on them, also flags with the party symbol were placed in front of the bikes.

With all these rallies going on the big three parties i.e Bharatiya Janata Party, Aam Aadmi Party and the Congress is ready for the Assembly elections to be held in Delhi on Febuary 8.

On the third front one of the Congress’ candidate Shivani Chopra is seen undertaking door-to-door campaigning while personally interacting with the people, listening to their problems and promising solutions which the BJP and AAP have neglected in the last five years. She was accompanied by a large number of Congress leaders and workers dressed in white kurti-pajama with a black waist coat and a sash with the Congress party symbol designed on it she is welcomed with garlands by the locals and is followed by hundreds of people including men, women, young and old people. People were seen holding the national flag in their hands shouting slogans like “Nari ke samaan mein beti maidaan mein”, “Vikas wali Dilli, Congress wali Dilli”, “Har haath shakti har haath tarakki”, “Bahane nahi karenge, vikas anubhav hai hamare paas”.

In a rally, she addressed a variety of issues, including failures of the Modi government, the Congress’ ideology, local and state issues and alternatives her party will provide to the people. The voters of Kalkaji have promised Shivani Chopra that their votes will go to the Congress as other parties have totally neglected their area with no development for the past five years. She received a tremendous response as women, young and old along with a large number of people of came out of their homes to vow their support for the young candidate. Old people were seen giving their blessings to Shivani. Her popularity and the response she got from the people can be attributed to her energetic and confident demeanor while addressing the supporters.

All in all, the three main parties contesting the elections are trying their best to woo voters to ensure a victory, what remains to be seen though is how Delhi votes and which party receives the mandate to form the government in the national capital.