Stronger immunity decoded

A holistic approach to health is the need of the hour not just to fight the current pandemic but also to ensure that problems arising from the lockdown can be minimised

The outbreak of Coronavirus has turned the world topsy-turvy, governments are trying their best to contain the spread while healthcare professionals are fighting on a new front — the hospitals. 

In all this, the best way in which we, as individuals, can help is by taking a holistic approach towards health and ensuring that we have a strong immune system that can help us in our fight against not just Covid-19 but also against other ailments that torment humans.  

In a candid conversation with Dr Taz Bhatia, Integrative Health Expert & Author of Super Woman RX, we try to decode the ways one can maintain a healthy immune system, especially under the current circumstances. She shares some invaluable insights regarding maintenance of a healthy immune system and the precautions that the vulnerable — that is, people with low immunity and pre-existing health problems can take. 

The key to a healthy immune system, she says, is a healthy gut. “There are many key factors in boosting immunity. Our gut is the largest immune organ and protecting gut health is key to having a healthy immune system.  This means lowering inflammatory foods, limiting sugar and increasing plant-based foods, all these play a role in boosting immune function. Consistent sleep — at least 7-8 hours per night — also helps rest the gut and resets the immune system.”  

Some of the key rules that one can follow to ensure a healthy gut are: 

  • 6-8 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables per day. In this time, consider adding one green smoothie per day to get a burst of antioxidants and glutathione — a potent antioxidant in your system.
  • Keep sugar under 25 gram per day. Lower gluten and dairy consumption to no more than one serving per day.

Apart from a dietary plan, keeping a structured routine, exercising and moving within the home as much as possible is also important. She advises limiting and timing the use of TV, social media and electronic gadgets, as they can be anxiety-provoking.  

Another advice shared by Dr Taz is the use of Vitamins D, C and Zinc to boost immunity.  She suggests adding vitamin D 5000 IU per day, Zinc 15 mg per day, C 2 grams per day along with the use of plant-based antivirals like Astragalus, Andrographis and Triphala. 

For people suffering from long-term illnesses like heart ailments and diabetes, extra vigilance is recommended. People suffering from inflammation diseases are at a higher risk from Covid-19 complications. Therefore, it is best for them to stay on anti-inflammatory regimen and take necessary precautions along with antiviral supplements. 

For pregnant women, Dr Taz suggests, “Although these groups seem to be a bit protected from Covid-19, the same prevention rules as mentioned for others apply. Much of the research is just emerging, though, and it would help if pregnant women also optimised their amounts of vitamin D, C and Zinc.”   

During the duration of the lockdown and the world continues its fight against the pandemic, the maintenance of a healthy immune system by individuals is one of the best weapons we have against the adversary. Good immunity coupled with adherence to government and health experts’ recommended precautions is the least we can do to assist healthcare workers in the world’s fight against Covid-19.   


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