• September 28, 2020 10:21 am

Events of the Week

ByProma Chakraborty

May 22, 2020


What: To all the movie buffs, the European Union is helping us to get through confinement with arts. The European Film Festival 2020 is an excellent window to discover talented new filmmakers and their latest works. With the web as its venue now, there is no excuse to miss these films. European Film Festival brings 19 films, like Homo Sapiens, Consequences, The Magic Life of V, all free for viewing. When: May 18 – June 18


What: In this period of lockdown, Flubber the clown travels around the world, virtually, to meet his friends. Together they share laughter, comedy, magic, juggling and lots of fun. Register on BookMyShow to join in the International Clown Festival virtually. They will share jokes, riddles, fun stories, songs and of course horse around. Enjoy some magic, juggling, quirky humour and childlike banter in an evening of laughter and celebration.

When: Tuesdays and Fridays in May, 5 pm


What: In keeping with its vision of bringing art to the people, the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art is initiating a unique competition that seeks to engage children in its latest project. Titled ‘Mask A Thon’, the contest is an effort to help encourage children to use their creativity, and not allow the lockdown to diminish students’ engagement with the arts. Thus, the competition challenges schoolchildren to use the mask as a canvas for their creative effort. The choice of the mask is significant as it is one of the main tool being used to combat the virus. It also serves to highlight the key role played by healthcare workers in managing the pandemic. The winning works will be printed on the masks and showcased for the world to view. When: Entries till May 23. Results on May 30.