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Events of the week

Groove along

What: For all the music lovers out there, gear up to celebrate World Music Day online this year. Hungama Artist Aloud World Music Day is back with its fourth season. Curated by BookMyShow join in this one-of-a-kind digital music festival where you can groove to the songs of your favourite artists. From the comfort of your home witness performers like Parikrama, Mame Khan, Hardeep Grewal, Anand Bhaskar Collective, among many others as they go live and present some of their best songs drowning you in their unique music. From folk, pop, rock, to Punjabi and Sufi it has something in store for everyone.

When: June 21

Looking back

What: Exploring India’s only still camera factory, the defunct National Instruments Ltd. in Kolkata, here’s an exhibition titled ‘Machinations’ by gallery Photoink. This was one of the many factories in South Kolkata (once a bustling industrial hub) which went into decline and eventually shut down with the advent of globalization in the early 90s. In the 1970s, the company ventured into the manufacture of cameras, and is remembered primarily for producing the National 35 camera, the only 35mm still camera manufactured in the country. Ironically, the factory was developing the National Reflex 2000, which would have been India’s first SLR camera, when it was shut down. This project excavates a social history of labour and industry and its slow demise, it also projects photography looking at itself and reflecting on its own peculiar history in the Indian subcontinent. Hinting at the larger narrative of technology transfer from West to East, the work also uses details like brand names and places of manufacture that conjure up an elsewhere within the space of the factory. The exhibition is on display at the website of In Touch.

When: June 5 – July 4

Love and laugh 

What: Giving us a glimpse into the present the past and the future of someone’s dating life here’s a comedy show titled ‘Date Night’. The show about dating now and later. Boys have it harder than girls apparently, come see for yourself what is true and what is false. Love is what brings us all together what better way than a Date Night.

When: June 20 (9 PM)