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Events of the week

Folk music

What: Organised in collaboration with Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre, India International Centre presents Borsa Band from Moldva, Romania. With musicians – Noemi Refi (violin), Katica Manninger (vocals), Peter Toth (flutes) and Oliver Toth (koboz) along with dancers Flora Csente, Gabriella Erdei, Mark Bence Dunai and Gergo Porvai. Moldva is a region in Romania with a Hungarian speaking population called Csango who have lived here since the Middle Ages. Moldva is the cultural border between Central Europe and the Balkans. The band founded in 2011 has been collecting old records, folk tunes and traditional instruments such as the koboz (an East European type of lute) and as well as the various forms of Csango dances which they present wearing medieval costumes. A three- part video recording showcases their dance tunes and bride dressing songs.

When: June 22 – 28

Closer look

What: Bringing together a group of works that speak to our challenging times, Galley Nature Morte presents ‘To Balm and Cajole’. Artists respond to situations in diverse, often confusing, ways, exploring the latent meanings that may hover just under the surface of recognisable images or those which can be coaxed from abstract meanderings. As we have been forced to withdraw from collective society, we are inclined towards solitary contemplation, finding solace in music, pictures, and stories. Artists create membranes that they present to the world, allowing for opportunities to transfer energies and thoughts from one realm to another, allowing for subjective interpretations to reconfigure their initial intentions. In the works of these 12 artists, the viewer is expected to discover things that calm, seduce, perplex and titillate.

When: June 5 – July 4

Film festival

What: While many cinemas around the world are still closed, thanks to the Institut Français, you can watch 11 short and 10 feature films, both French and African, with subtitles. Animations, fictions, documentaries and films for young audiences — live the cinema experience from home. Fcinéma à la carte, presents a selection of short films and feature films, that range from animation to rom-com. From classics like Afrique Sur Seine to recent films like Rafiki, this online festival has something for everyone.

When: June 12 – July 13