Israel connect 

What: Featuring the works of two leading contemporary artists from Israel, Dani Karavan and Atar Geva, an online exhibition brings together their work in a show titled ‘Plain Abstract’. They met at Givat Haviva (non-profit education centre founded in 1949) in its home for art, the GH Art Gallery. Growing into and out of the place, they engage with the space, with each other, and negotiate the idea of simplicity, the abstract, real, alive and mundane. Creative materials such as sand, the olive tree and citrus trees are Karavan’s art materials, a continuous and endless work of art. Geva’s spilled paint, spreading at will and becoming liquid or solidifying, and the sculptural combustion process, with their distinctive aroma, is both part of the processes as well as a co-creator of the works.

When: July 13 – 26

Where: Website of India International Centre

Different beliefs

What: Based on five significant monologues written by Shakespeare around religious conflicts, the dilemma of action/inaction, political turmoil, mercy and beginning of life Alchemy Theatre’s ‘All The World’s a Stage’ is a cine play. The play revolves around the central thoughts of pessimism prevailing in the contemporary world illusioned through the eyes of a modern-day news reporter and how a mother-child conversation counter them through optimistic beliefs. Catch it online on Bookmyshow.

When: July 19 (7 pm)

Film festival

What: For all the film aficionados, here’s a festival that brings the best of Italy. The ongoing contemporary Italian film festival showcases eight films, that delve into questions of diversity, inclusion and social integration. The Italian Embassy Cultural Centre with the outreach partners Kolkata Centre for Creativity, India Habitat Centre and India International Centre has put together “Contemporary Italian Cinema”. A selection of eight Italian contemporary films which includes Il Sindaco Del Rione Sanità, Come Un Gatto In Tangenziale, Il Campione in the line-up. This upcoming week will feature L’ora Legale directed by Ficarra and Picone.  In order to watch the film, please send a request to

When: July 10 – October 24 (6:30 pm – 10:30 pm)