• September 30, 2020 2:14 pm

Reporting From Delhi

Events of the week


Sep 11, 2020

Ode to nature 

What: With humans locked in their homes over the past few months, what ran free were nature’s brushstrokes — deepening the sky’s blue, the trees’ green and all colours in between. Capturing nature’s refreshed aura on the canvas, ten on-view abstract artistic impressions by Delhi-based artist Savya Jain derive inspiration from idyllic and bountiful nature. A promising abstract artist, Jain uses memories from her travels to render unique fluid art. In her current collection titled ‘Nature in lockdown times’, her signature style blends effortlessly with the natural leitmotifs and hues we fondly associate with nature’s many moods, to create a diverse art experience. In her own words, a direct view of her garden from her studio is just inspiration landing straight in her backyard. The young artist’s paintings speak of views from her own garden to the far-flung landscapes of Arunachal Pradesh and Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and even Spain’s Barcelona.

When: September 4 – 25 (11 am – 6 pm)

Where: Studio: Chandra Gardens, Rajokri and online in social media

Film screening

What: Organised in collaboration with Cervantes Institute, New Delhi, India International Centre brings together a selection of contemporary films from Spain which will be screened weekly. Made by young filmmakers, the selection presents two works of fiction and two documentaries, reflecting the creative versatility of the directors and also the way in which society has shaped their imagination. This week will see the screening of The Sea Stares at Us from Afar (El mar nos mira de lejos) a 93-minute film with English subtitles. The film follows the legend of an ancient and forgotten civilisation buried under large expanses of dunes in southern Spain. For a little over a century, several travellers have come to this remote territory looking for traces of the ancient settlers. Ignorant of the myths and romantic illusions of archaeologists and adventurers, a few men, barely visible among the sandbanks, now live in solitude facing the sea. The Vimeo links of the films will be made accessible for a period of 48 hours.

When: September 12 (11:30 pm onwards)

Where: Website of India International Centre

Laughter fest

What: Gaurav Kapoor, the funny one from Delhi, is back in action with his first-ever online comedy show. His razor-sharp wit and candid humour made him a regularly featured act at comedy clubs across the country and he has performed on the biggest of stages including opening for Vir Das and Russell Brand on his India tour. His shows are a mix of observational humour and anecdotes where he narrates stories from corporate offices, festivals, the 1990s, food, travel and his marriage. The stories could be 100% true or could be 100% made up. You can only guess.

When: September 12 (11 pm)

Where: Online streaming at BookMyShow