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Drawing scars

What: ‘The wound is the place where the light enters you’ – these words by Rumi, which informs the title, capture the dilemma of our times when malady has become a part of our daily existence, pointing us towards wisdom and magnificence instead of receding into our pain. A group of artists have embraced the rhythm and beauty behind the scars that they carry, and these are reflected in their works, put together by Shrine Empire Gallery. Khushbu Patel dives into dermoscopic views of the scars on her body, almost as if they are splendorous organisms to be nurtured and embraced, despite frequently being shunned, for they are one with her being. Patel’s microscopic visions acquire macroscopic realization in Samanta Batra Mehta’s drawings that imagine human existence in symbiosis with botanical forms embodying nature that both hurts and heals through a wondrous cyclical relationship. Neerja Kothari borrows from repetition in physiotherapy that she underwent for years while regaining movement in her body.

Where: Website of Art In Touch

When: 22 September – 10 November


Himalayan odyssey

What: For all of you that are stuck at home, unable to travel, here’s a series of webinars by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation offering illustrated presentations on the Indian Himalayas, highlighting diverse subjects such as mountaineering, exploration, mountain ecology, and biodiversity. The IMF Webinar Series 2020 throws light on the cultural ethos, livelihood issues, conservation efforts, mythology, books and films.

Where: Website of India Habitat Centre

When: 12 – 19 October


Good over evil

What: Jayasri Burman, as an artist has never ceased to inspire with her vivid depiction of mythology in her artworks. Her recent works can be seen in ‘SHAKTI: Nine forms of Divinity’, a festive special online exhibition by Art Exposure. In words of artist Jayasri Burman, “The gods came into a counsel when they witnessed the world brimming with injustice and chaos. Deliberating upon how to bring an end to this unruly world order, Durga was created out of the gods’ special powers. She was moulded into a fierce being who could demolish the evil powers. For me, Shakti is the essence of goodness, with which we protect ourselves and our dear ones, and fight wrongdoings. Shakti establishes a symbiotic harmony with love and peace, to bring about a better earth and empowered humanity.”

Where: Website of Art Exposure

When: 17 October  – 17 November

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