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Reopening doors

What: After a very long wait, Triveni Kala Sangam has finally reopened its galleries with an additional viewing platform of online ‘Virtual Walk Through with 360* view’ tour of the gallery. As new relationships and connections are being formed between the arts and its viewers on this new platform, the gallery is offering this additional platform for all the artists presenting their works at Triveni. Both Shridharani and Triveni Gallery at Triveni, reopened with the digital launch of their first-ever online walkthrough tour of the gallery to help the viewers experience for themselves the feel of the artists and their artworks displayed. The response of viewing digital art has been amazing but the artist does miss the interaction with the viewer.

Where: Triveni Kala Sangam and their website

When: Till 31 October


Tasting Japan

What: Giving us a glimpse of Japan, here’s the screening of documentary films on Japan’s history, literature, art, culture and heritage. Organised with the support of NHK World and Embassy of Japan, New Delhi, India International Centre is screening, “Tokyo Miracle City: Gourmet Capital- Keeping Alive the Spirit of Tsukiji”. This 49-minute documentary in English explores Tokyo’s well-known, tantalising food culture, exploring the role played by the iconic Tsukiji fish market in Japan’s culinary history. Actor Sato Takeru takes viewers on a journey back in time as one learns about the lives of the skilled specialists at the heart of the market and discover their unique contribution in the journey from ocean to table.

Where: Website of India International Centre

When: 19 -25 October


Shaping tomorrow

What: Architecture in Poland is flourishing. In recent years, many significant public buildings have been created – museums and concert halls, sports facilities, educational buildings. An exhibition titled ‘A Phoenix From The Ashes’ presents 20 such newly constructed or revitalised objects. In addition to public buildings, there are offices, residential construction and public space. Each of the objects depicted by the best Polish architectural photographers shows exceptional nature: uniqueness of form, often multi-layered concepts which is a result of the work of many creators-designers, builders, artists and investors. The exhibition by its nature is dedicated to contemporary architecture, but the present grows out of the past and is directed towards the future.

Where: India International Centre, Kamla Devi Block

When: Till 28 October (11 am – 7 pm)

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