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All about Christmas

What: The Kiran Nadar Museum of Art in collaboration with Delhi Storytellers’ Tribe is providing a platform for seven storytellers to come together, share their love of stories and to produce “Enchanting Tales”. With five stories spread over five weeks, children and adults alike can tune into the joy of Christmas tales for the festive season. The first of the series has Dr Shivani Kanodia telling the story of ‘How the fir tree became the Christmas Tree!’. The second session features Shalini Bansal and Seema Wahi Mukherjee who come together to narrate a musical story called ‘Santa’s Gifts’. The third story in the series is presented by Rituparna Ghosh, narrating a classic Christmas story by L Frank Baum – ‘When Santa got Kidnapped’.

The fourth instalment features Shubha Das and Archana Chandel bringing to you an intrinsic part of Christmas celebrations: they follow the story of  Christmas ornaments. What happens to them after Christmas? Listen in and find out. Kapil Pandey wraps up the series with a story that marks new beginnings symbolic of a new year. A retelling of Oscar Wilde’s The Happy Prince, he shares the wonderful idea of having a ‘giving’ year for adults and children alike.

When: 8 December – 1 January 

Where: Website of Kiran Nadar Museum of Art


Strong bonds

What: Arth Art International from India and ArtisteSpace Inc from the Philippines have come together for a one-of-a-kind intercultural art exchange to solidify the diplomatic relationship between the countries. This one-of-a-kind international virtual exhibit is called ‘Kala-Likha’, which means ‘Art and Creation’ where Kala means Art in Hindi and Likha in Tagalog means Creation. The participating artists are leading senior and contemporary artists from India and the Philippines. It will feature the works of 28 artists, 14 from each country. The collections take inspirations from real life where the artists have manifested their nostalgia, history, responsibility, fear and hope in highly ingenious ways.

When: 15 December – 15 January

Where: Website of Arth Art International 


Celebrating dance

What: The newly launched ‘Dancing with The Gods’ is a pictorial ode that captures the rich heritage of Bharatanatyam, celebrating its traditional moods and movements, but also pausing to delve into the lesser-known, the truly exotic and the startlingly global. The book’s magical meanderings will transfix and entice even a casual browser into Bharatanatyam’s ‘cursed brides of God’ Devadasi roots, the fascinating tale of the transgender Shikhandi, the French Sara La Kali, the Mesopotamian Ishtar, a Greek God and his Indian doppelganger, a familiar Ganesha, and then perhaps a completely unknown Aranyani. Written by Monidipa Mukherjee and Sutapa Sengupta, the book derives its inspiration, and most of its rare photographs and researched writing, from the Sohinimoksha World Dance archives.

Where: Launched by Roli Books


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