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Anant Art’s exhibition titled No pain, no gain- Celebrating India

The Art Platform’s latest exhibition puts India as a focus and engages with it in myriad ways

“India – The country, the idea, the enigma. It’s history, geography, beauty and ethos – in image and philosophies” – putting India in focus, the fourth edition of The Art Platform India is back. 

The artworks created on each gallery’s page open up different ideas to explore, enjoy and engage with. TAP, the online one-stop platform was created especially to allow collectors and others a chance to view select artworks, curated by a collective of pan Indian art galleries and curators.

Art Motif’s exhibition, ‘The Art of Phulkari’

A union of some of the noted art galleries from Delhi and all over the country have contributed, collaborated and constituted a vital aspect of this initiative. Blurring the lines between artists, galleries and collectors, TAP India provides an unmatched window into the best of art.

In this edition, TAP brings you curated exhibitions and selected works under a new section on the website called TAP Showcase featuring two showcases for this month –  Thinking around Corners – an exhibition of square format artworks by selected artists of partner galleries, curated by Bhavna Kakar and Renu Modi, and Bharat presented by guest gallerist Manan Relia.  

Each gallery has engaged with the theme of India in myriad ways. For instance, Art Heritage brings forth the political works of Rajesh Deb from his “Testimony of Tolerance” series. At its core, Deb’s works are deeply grounded in the specific experience of Bengal in the 20th century, of the mass traumas that it experienced, as well as an expansive vision both of the rich cultural past and of the political possibilities for the future.  The works seek to remind us that despite our divisions, being a heterogenous, harmonious nation is deeply steeped in our history.

artist Srinivas Reddy’s Triumph of Labour

On the other hand, Anant Art’s exhibition celebrates the dignity of workers and the social value of labour. ‘No pain, no gain: Celebrating India’ is a tribute to the people who are the backbone of our country. 

On a similar note, Apparao Galleries’ ‘Triumph of Labour’,  follows the narrative of a working-class boy and his dignity of labour. The artist Srinivas Reddy in these large watercolours portrays his journey achieved through devotion and hard work. From a family of respected traditional painters, he ventured from a rural background into contemporary art in the midst of an urban milieu.

Rajesh Deb’s work from his Testimony of Tolerance series

On a different note, Art Motif’s exhibition, ‘The Art of Phulkari’ shows how the women of Punjab and Haryana express themselves through the Bagh, Phulkari and Sainchi. It is their canvas, where their brilliant creativity expresses itself.

Featuring over a dozen galleries, with a stellar lineup of shows and curated events in the pipeline, Tap India is all set to showcase the energy of the Artworld of India by capturing the changing thoughts and trends and highlighting high-quality artworks.

The exhibitions can be viewed at the website of The Art Platform India 


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