Curating Indian flavours: Dragonfly’s total transformation hits all the right notes  

Aloo Chaat (Amuse Bouche)

With an all new menu, Dragonfly is all set to fill bellies, this time with its unique spread of exotic flavours from across the country 

Dragonfly symbolizes change. True to its name, Dragonfly Experience in Aerocity – the funky and flamboyant restaurant has not shied away from a total transformation. The thing with popular hotspots such as this one, going for a complete change of menu could be tricky, however this one completely aced it. 

Previously serving Pan Asian, their brand new menu celebrates some of the most exotic flavours and recipes from all across the country. Their aim is to take one and all on a journey across India, one dish at a time.

Known for its grandeur, the vastness of the place is surely overwhelming to say the least. With dragonfly motifs greeting you as you descend the steps, you can’t help revelling at the opulence of the place. Set in three levels, the seating arrangement of the restaurant is as diverse as its menu. We were hence glad that they had curated a few of their best dishes for us to try from their vast choices. 

We started with the Aloo Chaat (Amuse Bouche) and Tomato Thokku (with Papad Assortment) both of which tasted quite homely. The Papad Assortment was a perfect accompaniment to their eclectic mix of drinks. The Aloo Chaat was quite literally served in a palm. Just like the décor, the serve ware is also quite funky. 

One must note, that it isn’t just the menu but also the entire presentation of the dishes that has been crafted with great care. 

“The menu has been designed considering the ambience and vibe of the restaurant, guest expectations and the contemporary ongoing trends. The portion size of the dishes have been carefully decided not to overcrowd the plate yet not too minimal so that guests can experience multiple dishes without feeling full. We have taken almost a month’s time to get the balance of spices, gravies and side dishes perfect. A major chunk of time was spent on finding the right crockery and its shape,” shares corporate executive Chef Gaurav Chawla.

Guntur Chilli Chicken

Next came the Barley Bhel, which was honestly quite a pleasant surprise. Sweet and tangy, with a slightly crunchy texture, this one was quite savory. On a completely different taste, the Bhel was followed by a blast of flavours with the Guntur Chili Chicken. One of the chef’s special, this one was a clear winner. It tastes as spicy and fiery as it looks. 


We washed our food down with some of the best cocktails straight out of their ‘Manga Mixology’, (their bar menu). While their new drinks collection is yet to be launched, we were still quite impressed with how well the cocktails complimented their small plates. We tried a few of the citrusy gin and vodka cocktails like Saitama, Major Motoko, Koko and we just couldn’t decide on our favourite one. 

Going back to trying more small plates we had the Gilafi Mutton Seekh Kebab with Tomato fennel chutney and Murgh Khurchan Kulcha with silbatta chutney. It’s worth mentioning that the chutneys in both the dishes gave a kick to the taste. The kebab garnished with almonds are as soft and flavourful as one can expect and just one bite of Kulcha proves how well stuffed it was.

We clearly couldn’t have enough of their small plates and the chef kept it going for us. 

While the Koliwada Fish Fry seemed a little on the salty side for me, the Sweet Corn Haleem with Elaichi Khamiri roti very much made up for it. Used to having the meat version of this I simply couldn’t stop devouring it. This one made for a must try. 

The next one in line too was quite a surprise. While literally served on a bed of chickpea, we still couldn’t figure out what we were having thanks to its size, until we took a bite. The Delhi’s Favourite ( Choley Bhature Pops) was crispy and had the right amount of spice, all delightfully in just one bite. 

With the night progressing, the space became livelier as more people started coming in and the music and lights pumping up the vibe of the crowd. Mostly full by then we still decided to try out a few main courses. 

Jodhpuri Mutton with kalonji naan

The Dakshini Paneer Fry with curry leaf malabar paratha tastes quite authentic, with a strong taste of curry leaf. This was followed by the Street style Bhaji with maska Pao. The buttery spice filled bhaji will surely take you on a trip to Mumbai. We ended our main course with the Jodhpuri Mutton along with kalonji naan which is quite high on the spice quotient. 

We closed the night with a trip down memory lane as we devoured our Gud ka Paratha with Coconut Jaggery Ice cream. Not overwhelmingly sweet, this one will make you ask for more.

Review done on invitation

Address: Dragonfly Experience, Aerocity


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