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Myriad hues

What: Described as a figurative artist and a modernist, Arpita Singh still makes it a point to stay tuned in to traditional Indian art forms and aesthetics, like miniaturist painting and different forms of folk art, employing them regularly in her work. In this latest body of watercolours on paper and oil paintings titled ‘Homeward’, Singh’s cartographical autobiographies assume new dimensions through an intensification of colour, accenting her imagined landscapes with the flourish of expressionist emotion. With compositions foregrounded in movement, Singh tends to emphasize the potential of individual agency operating within collective constraints, though her mapping doesn’t seem to prioritize any one aspect – whether the fictional, mythical, personal, public fact or dream. By introducing observation points that are topographically flat, Singh personifies questions of beginning and belonging so pivotal to individual and collective journeys. The protagonists themselves emerge as part of the landscape, their internality in a state of flux as outlined by the world, however it is composed, at large.

When: March 18 – April 16

Where: Vadehra Art Gallery, Defence Colony


Food fest

What: For all the foodies in town, Ikk Panjab hosts Ikk Panjab Ikk Vaisakh Food Festival which promises to serve you the best of the dishes from east and West Panjab. Besides, there will be traditional folk music and dances as well. To do justice to the cuisine, several vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes from Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan (West Panjab), Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Patiala, Ropar  and Amritsar (East Panjab) have been included. These include lip smacking main course dishes like Lahori Kukkadi Chargha, Paneer Multani Rahra Masala and Kunna Gosht besides mandatory starters and desserts.

When: Till April 14 (12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight)

Where: Ikk Panjab, Rajouri Garden


Looking for balance

What: Calling attention to perspectives on the unprecedented rate of human development of our times, our rapidly evolving relationship with the world around us and our changing sense of self in relation to the natural world here’s an exhibition titled ‘Traversing The Noosphere’. Elaborating on the philosophical tract by Vladimir Vernadsky who in his book The Biosphere and The Noosephere wrote on the Noosphere as a new evolutionary stage in the development of the Biosphere when the human-and-nature interaction would be consciously balanced. The show considers the emergence of the Noosephere as a critical evolutionary step needed for preserving and reconstructing the Biosphere in the interest of humanity as a single entity.

When: April 3 – May 20

Where: Latitude 28 Gallery


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