Wholesome indulgence, guilt-free  

Kanupriya Khanna is a nutritionist and a dietician who is also the founder of the New Delhi based brand Karamele

For all the health freaks in the city, here’s a city based bakery that takes care of needs, keeping in mind both health and taste

If healthy eating were not a priority for some of us, come April 2020, it became our daily mantra. Nutritionist & Dietician Kanupriya Khanna has been on this mission which led to the foundation of New Delhi based brand Karamele. The brand’s endeavour is to educate and encourage patrons to eat healthy without compromising on taste or curbing their cravings.

What started as a brand that promised only healthy cakes and muffins, has become a lifestyle partner catering to daily requirements of breads, cookies and granolas, to the often-craved ice-creams, pizza bases and cakes.

While in her professional life she helped her patients eat right and live healthy, her experiments in the kitchen started when she became a mother herself. 

If you are looking to cut out gluten from your diet, Karamele has a range of Sorghum flour based vegan breads that are also high in protein. And guess what? They are not just free from all types of starches and gums but also refined sugar, as Karamele uses only the freshest jaggery.

When asked what the answer for all deliciousness rolled in one product is, Kanupriya’s instant response was “our Quinoa Cakes and brownies. They are gluten-free and have all 9 essential amino acids. Jaggery, rich in iron and an immunity booster, is used as the sweetener making these truly delicious and nutritious.”

My personal favourite was their chocolate and orange cake. The gluten free cake has a good helping of nuts making it crunchy and the jaggery makes it sweet. A perfectly healthy dessert. 

The best part about the brand is you get to know exactly what you are eating. Notes of what ingredients they use and what they stand against are mentioned clearly in their packaging. 

With an offering for every kind of health-conscious individual, Karamele truly has created indulgences packed with flavour, nutrition and care! Truly bringing wholesome, guilt-free and yummy eating to life!


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