Places of worship lead by example 

With the rising number of Covid cases in the Capital more and more places of worship are coming forward to help people with food, medical supplies and even isolation centres

With the healthcare system in the National Capital struggling with rising number of Covid-19 cases, places of worship are coming forward to provide much needed help 

As India battles the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic,  hospitals are overwhelmed with patients and cries of help are being shared on social media,  places of worship are banding together to offer help. They are offering food, oxygen cylinders, medicines and some are even converting the place of worship into quarantine centres. 

Sri Rakabganj Sahib Gurudwara near Connaught place has recently opened 250 oxygen bed Covid care facilities. Which will have oxygen concentrators, doctors to attend patient and free medicines. “In the initial phase, we will open a 100 bed facility, which will be in operation from 5-6 May. We have arranged oxygen concentrators, and here treatment will be free of cost.” said a volunteer of Delhi Sikh Gurudwara committee.

Not just Gurudwaras, Mosques in Delhi are also utilizing space that they have, to offer quarantine facilities. A mosque in Green Park has been converted into a temporary Covid-19 quarantine centre. The Mosque has a 10 bed facility with medicines.

“We have converted our mosque as a 10 bed facility. Unfortunately we don’t have oxygen beds but we are providing masks, senitzers and PPE kits,” said Joint Secretary, Managing Committee, Green Park Mosque, Mohammad Salim.

 Amidst the shortage of oxygen in the city some Gurudwaras are offering oxygen to the patients. A Gurdwara  in Greater Kailash Delhi started ‘Oxygen Langar’,  where people can come and get oxygen cylinder refills.

 Another Gurudwara in Indirapuram of Ghaziabad offers oxygen to patients till the hospital bed is arranged. One can go there by car and get oxygen support. They have issued an helpline number through which they take requests. A volunteer from helpline number said, “they send cars to patients whenever they get a request. We provide Oxygen to 60-70 people everyday.”

Mohd Shariq, member of a team formed by Masjid Bagh wali, who is providing free oxygen refill said, “This is the crisis upon all of us Indians, we will fight against it and by Allah’s grace we will win.”

The team is providing oxygen refill in 10 centres in Delhi. The team is getting thousands of calls, “we all are doing whatever we can in our capacity. But requests are many and we go short on supplies.” said another member.

For food for Covid patients Gurudwaras are home delivering. Sri Guru Singh Sabha has issued a number 8130700028 for people residing near Noida sector 18.

Delhi Sikh Gurudwara committee has also come for the help of Covid Patients by offering food. “Those families of Covid patients, where nobody is there to cook, our volunteers are delivering hygienic food. Automatic machines here at Bangla Sahib are preparing hygienic food,” said M.S Sirsa, president Sikh Gurdwara Committee in a video. 

Family of Covid patients have to just inform the Gurudwara committee — they have issued some contacts that are being circulated on social media platforms. Volunteers, then deliver food at doorstep. However, service is not across Delhi, people who live far from Gurudwara are saying they couldn’t get help.

International Society of Krishna consciousness is also offering food at doorstep to senior citizens, pregnant women and Covid patients in south west Delhi. They have also issued a helpline number.

These religious places prove that humanity can be served through religion. The use of religion for humanitarian purposes suggests the proper way out to establish an example of secular and humanitarian society. Aside from faith blurring the boundaries of sanity.


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