Indian delicacies revisited 

As the country battles the second wave of the pandemic, Udit Maheshwari is bringing joy to foodies with his delivery only restaurant that offers regional delights from across the country with some tweaks

With the pandemic hitting the city hard, people are once again restricted to their homes. The hospitality sector was just trying to get back on its feet when the second wave set it back again. 

In such a scene, Pitaara Kitchen is a new entrant of the Indian food delivery scene in Delhi by Chef Udit Maheshwari. A delivery only kitchen, Pitaara Kitchen offers regional specialties you might not even have heard of – familiar flavours served with some tweaks. 

Each dish is meticulously researched and curated by the chef himself.  The food is delivered in eco-friendly packaging in and around South Delhi.     

Keralan Fish Tikka

Attempting to represent the variety of Indian food and its rich heritage, their menu finds space for varied cuisines from all parts of the country.  Obscure ingredients, lost recipes, forgotten traditions – the food is an homage to the 100% locally grown and sourced produce from the distant corners of India. The mantra at Pitaara Kitchen is to marry traditional flavours with a touch of modernity. 

I was in for quite a surprise with their Bandel Cheese Kulcha – sourced from the erstwhile Portuguese colony in Bandel near Kolkata. With my hometown quite close to Bandel, I was taken aback with this dish, as I was not aware of  its existence. Extremely soft, this one is stuffed well and has the right amount of flavours. The chopped tomato chutney served with this, is so fresh that one can’t help but reach out for more. 

Their Keralan Fish tikka too was an absolute delight. It tastes as appetising as it looks. Served with coriander coconut chutney, the creamy texture of which perfectly complements the fish. This spice quotient of the whole fish fillet of sole is on the higher side. 

Another one of their starters which was also a total winner was their Etti Masala Prawns. High on pepper, the stir fried prawn are a right mixture of both soft and crunchy. 

We tried their Pahadi Chicken Curry with Ragi Phulka and Dogri Meat Curry with Pitaara Roti from their main course. The chicken curry is spicy with a good amount of coriander, garlic and green chillies. 

Bandel Cheese Kulcha

The latter as the name suggests is a traditional meat curry from the Dogri community of Jammu. This one is a mixture of sweet and sour with extremely soft mutton, that tastes so different from the  regular mutton curry available in the city. With a good amount of curry this one goes well with both rice and roti. 

We ended our meal with their Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart. For those who love their chocolate dark, this one is perfect for you. A bit too salty for me, this 72% dark chocolate ganache on a tart is topped with jaggery salted caramel. 

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