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Looking back


What: Multiple award winner, including Oscar Award for Best Picture, Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Art Direction – How Green Was my Valley is being screened online. An adaptation of Richard Llewellyn’s 1939 novel, one of the most beautifully-shot films of the 1940s. The film represents one of the highest achievements of John Ford’s career-long fascination with the ebb and flow of life in a small community and the family as a small-scale extension of that community. The story of the Morgans, a hard-working Welsh mining family living in the heart of the South Wales Valleys during the 19th century. The story chronicles life in the South Wales coalfields, the loss of that way of life and its effect on the family.

When: May 17 – 23

Where: Website of India International Centre


Safe space

What: The word nest has come to stay with us, denoting a shelter, a home, a place of comfort, security and independence. Threshold Art Gallery’s exhibition Nest features works that get entrenched into the mind of the viewer with clarity, contagious energy and articulates a certain ineffable ‘truth’. The works in this show voice certain anxieties regarding the home, yet, all of them carry a certain prayer for it. This significantly makes this show a manifestation of an invocation for peace, order, and solace, presented with a visual treat of a rare kind. The main concern and intent for this show is not only the physical house, but it’s metaphorical potential and also the spiritual realisation one may get from the usage of the home. It does not matter at what time, at what juncture, one examines the idea of the home. It will always be relevant. 

Where: Website of Gallery Threshold


German Renaissance 

What: Presenting selected works of Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528), regarded as the greatest artist of the German Renaissance, India International Centre brings together a show titled ‘Albrecht Dürer: Perfection of Form and Beauty’. Born in Nuremberg, Dürer established his reputation and influence across Europe in his twenties due to his high-quality woodcut prints. He also made significant contributions to the exchange of knowledge between the Italian and the Northern Renaissance, and established important relations with representatives of Italian Renaissance. The online exhibition includes paintings (oil and watercolour), woodcuts, etchings and drawings covering an eclectic mix of religious works, portraits, landscapes, studies of animals, of plants and of people.

When: May 10 – 23

Where: Website of India International Centre


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