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Reimagining boundaries

What: Experimenter gallery’s online viewing room has on display ‘In Search of New Names’. In this online video lab, 18 participants from Karachi, Delhi, Pune, Lahore, Khanewal, Mumbai, Vadodara, Assam, Quetta, Bangalore, Srinagar and London explored the possibilities of creating and thinking together across geographies and borders. The lab was imagined to assemble a community, which experiences each other’s faces, cities and soundscapes; each other’s imagination, histories, boundaries and freedoms. The first few days of their meetings consisted of sharing respective locations on Google maps and then taking everyone for short video walks in their neighbourhoods. Within hours they travelled through the mangroves of Madh Island, the rocky hills of Quetta, the lush neighbourhoods of Pune and the streets of London, each journey being led by personal stories and perceptions. This resulted in a project whereby the participants were paired, and asked to engage with each other’s environment by using their partner as the eyes and ears for the work.

When: May 24 – June 5

Where: Website of Experimenter


Celebrating legacy

What: Directed by Philippe Molins “Jorge Luis Borges: The Mirror Man” is currently being screened. The documentary is on one of Latin America’s most famous and beloved literary figures, Jorge Luis Borges. The great Argentine writer and poet is considered, along with Gabriel García Márquez, as one of the main progenitors of the school of “magical realism” in literature. Despite suffering from progressive blindness for most of his life, Borges wrote of time, dreams, infinity, the universe, secret societies impenetrable labyrinths, memory, folk heroes, God and his fascination with, and childhood fear of, mirrors, a major recurring theme in his work.

When: May 31 – June 6

Where: Website of India International Centre


Creating positivity

What: Spreading hope and positivity to beat the pandemic stress an online ‘Yoga Shivir’ and online workshops of dance, music and various crafts has been organized by the SPIC MACAY. Each day a yoga session will start at 4 am followed by workshops on dance, music and crafts till 12 noon. During the morning session, Naad yoga and Meditation is conducted by Ustad Wasifuddin Dagar and Geshe Dorji Damdul. Naad Yoga is based on Naad that is music for mind whereas a Buddhist meditation session for the soul will be conducted for tranquillity and illumination. Other workshops, including dance forms like Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Mohiniattam, arts like Mural Painting, Pichwai Painting, Gond Art, Calligraphy and music sessions including Carnatic and Hindustani Vocal will also be held.

Where: Website of SPIC MACAY


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