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Light and shadow

What: IIC presents, an exhibition of photographs by Mala Mukerjee from Kolkata titled ‘Fleeting Footprints of Light’. The photographer presents a mix of colour and abstract compositions – a play with light, exploring the limits of form, colour and texture. Those of you who are familiar with her work will know that her quest has always been to capture the fleeting footprints of light on objects, no matter how ordinary they may be. The works on display on this show are a continuation of that search. “If I were to look back on my long innings as a photographer, I will admit I am most comfortable when I am in a position to let my imagination ramble free and take me to wherever they will.” She  enjoys playing with light and exploring the limits of form, colour and texture. The end-product sometimes is surprising, for light is a master painter. Objects get transformed by its magical touch. The artist tries to capture such moments.

When: 26 July – 8 August

Where: Website of India International Centre


Online play

What: Pierrot’s Troupe’s ongoing online play — Musha-Era, is a ‘Cine-play’, filmed in view of the theatre audience’s  inability to watch stage plays due to the ongoing pandemic. Thus, it has been performed on stage but filmed in a three camera setup. Written and directed by Sayeed Alam, it is a unique and a first of its kind play. It brings on one stage 12 historical poets of Urdu. The play entertainingly showcases the history of Urdu poetry – from 13th century to the previous one – Ameer Khusrau, Quli Qutub Shah, Wali Dakni, Mir Taqi Mir, Mirza Ghalib, Mir Anis, Akbar Allahabadi, Mohammad Iqbal, Josh Malihabadi, Faiz Ahmad Faiz  and Praveen Shakir. For tickets mail following which a non shareable link is sent to the buyer who can watch the play anytime, any day  on one’s screen.


Different aesthetics

What: Nature Morte is pleased to present an exhibition of works at the Frieze Viewing Room by Mona RaiManisha ParekhBharti Kher and Parul Gupta. The artists from four different generations lend to abstraction in their own ways, looking at making as a meditative and intuitive practice. Often made in iterative series, their works use a linear plane or grid as an organizing principle, establishing their own distinct aesthetics within the realm of minimalism.

When: 27 July – 1 August

Where: Website of Nature Morte


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