A taste of the bygone era

Sameer Chona’s new cloud kitchen Kissa Zaike Ka is a perfect amalgamation of exotic cuisines made with traditional recipes that will make your mouth water

Launched during the lockdown, Kissa Zaike Ka is the brainchild of Sameer Chona – known for the Chonas in Khan Market. Bringing to you the taste of forgotten recipes from undivided India, this cloud kitchen aims to offer people a chance to revisit the rich, long-lost heritage.

Their well curated menu offers a wide variety including Turkish, Afghan, Baloch and small local places from pre-independence era. The menu also has a Punjab influence and brings to you the crowd favourites. 

Kissa Zaike Ka is a fusion where the old meets the new. The forgotten methods of preparations make their way into your homes in careful packaging. 

With a wide range of starters that includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, we started with their Lahsuni Hunzai Kebab. This seekh kebab is rich in its garlic flavour and is served with rumali roti. This one is well complemented by the green chutney that comes with it. A must try.

Next we tried their Classic Chicken Tikka, and this one tasted exactly the way one envisions. Soft, flavourful and a little on the spicier side. 

The Mushroom Galouti Kebab was also a winner and surprised us with its flavour and softness. The smoked mushroom patties were served on mini parathas. 

Umm Ali

Moving to the main course, we tried their Maa Ki Daal and Shahi Paneer from the vegetarian section and the Butter Chicken from their non-vegetarian options. The daal felt homely and went well with their Turkish Bazlama Roti. This fluffy flat bread goes with all the options of the main course. 

The Shahi Paneer and Butter Chicken, both tasted pretty basic and I would suggest going with their other interesting options from the menu. 

We ended things on a sweet note with Umm Ali. This one garnished with crushed nuts is milk based and quite thick. 

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(Cover: Lahsuni Hunzai Kebab)

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